Exercises for mimic gymnastics: we improve condition of the person

Exercises for mimic gymnastics: we improve condition of the person

Emotions, experiences affect not only health of the person, but also condition of the person. For example, the simple smile is capable to work wonders. And if still to add several simple exercises to it, it is possible to raise skin tone, to give it elasticity and even to smooth wrinkles.

The advantage of gymnastics for appearance of body and health of organism is known long ago. Special fizminutka will see off for children in kindergartens, schools. Recently the great popularity is gained by special gymnastics for the person which helps to strengthen facial muscles, to get rid of wrinkles, the drooped chin and to improve the general condition of skin. Similar the technician of beauty is known much, but the greatest glory have got set of exercises of Carol Maddzhio, the technician Galina Dubinina and many others. The essence of these techniques is that carrying out certain exercise, you will force to work face muscles and to cope with age changes, to tighten the drooped skin, to get rid of its flabbiness and even to change features a little: to make already or shorter nose, to raise cheeks, chin, to raise eyebrows, to smooth wrinkles.

At regular performance of these exercises, as a rule, the result appears in week.

If you want to increase visually eye shape, put forefingers on external corners of eyes, and average and index slightly press skin between eyebrows. Look at top, then blink eyes, at the same time try to raise lower eyelid up. Count to five and relax. Then repeat exercise of 5-10 times.

To get rid of bags under eyes and to strengthen lower eyelids the following exercise will help. For it put middle fingers on internal corner of eyes, index – on external. Slightly press fingers on skin around eyes and look up, then blink the eyes then by force of facial muscles as much as possible as far as it is possible, raise lower eyelid up, and upper leave open. Slowly count on 15 and relax. The number of repetitions has to be not less than three.

For fight against horizontal wrinkles on forehead put palm on area of wrinkles, strongly press hand to skin. Close eyes and, holding with palm forehead, rotate eyes – to the right, to the left, down and up. At the same time you have to feel at once how under skin muscles work. At each movement of eyes in any party be late in such situation for 15-20 seconds then have a rest seconds five and several times repeat exercise. If you are tormented by vertical wrinkles between eyebrows, put all fingers (except big) on eyebrow, densely press them to skin and try to be wrinkled, forcing to work as muscles of these wrinkles and shifting eyebrows in the direction to each other. Repeat 15-20 times. When the person sincerely smiles several dozen mimic muscles which favorably affect condition of the person work for him. And the mood in this case too becomes much better. Besides the smile helps to struggle also with nasolabial wrinkles. Densely squeeze lips, try to fill them in mouth, for teeth, and smile, having strongly raised corners of lips up. Be late in such situation for 18-20 seconds then have a little a rest.

This exercise well helps for strengthening of face form.

At pronounced nasolabial wrinkles put on them forefingers and strongly press. When performing exercise you will feel that muscles really work, and face rejuvenation will be inevitable. Surely combine face exercises by preliminary warming up of muscles for what it is necessary to execute light massage. Stroke the person, slightly pat to prepare muscles then start charging. Having finished it, you can indulge yourself with face pack. If you want to improve form to nose, press forefinger to nose tip, then begin to pull upper lip down. At the same time you have to feel how the nose will push slightly your hand. By the way, it is recommended to carry out face exercises in certain situation. For this purpose pull in stomach, strain buttocks and muscles of hips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team