Extensions on body. Reasons of emergence and ways of disposal

Extensions on body. Reasons of emergence and ways of disposal

Extensions on body — problem of many women. They look as hems with torn edges. At first extensions have pink color, then change it for violet and only then become light. Completely it is almost impossible to get rid of them, but it is possible to reduce significantly visibility of extensions on body.

The reasons of emergence of extensions on body

Upon extension — the cracked skin, and, so it is possible to refer changes in weight to the main reasons. At sharp reduction or increase in weight of tissue of skin begin to be torn, and new cages do not manage to restore integument. The emptiness which are filled then with connecting fabric are as a result formed. At reduction of weight, skin does not manage to be pulled together independently and quickly. Folds are as a result formed and skin is simply broken off under pressure.

After pregnancy of extension — very frequent phenomenon. It is connected with the fact that besides fast increase in stomach also the hormonal balance changes. As a result there are extensions. Most often their localization is limited to stomach, but emergence of extensions and standing is in certain cases possible.

At the genetic level the bad elasticity of integument can be put. As a result even the healthy woman can unexpectedly have extensions. Therefore having noticed extensions at relatives, it is worth beginning preventive course. Simpler to warn than to treat.

At lack of water of organism skin loses the elasticity too. That is why it is useful to drink 1.5 l of water a day.

The shortage of protein in organism. Protein is necessary not only for formation of muscles, but also for elasticity of skin. The elastin and collagen necessary for maintenance of elasticity of epidermis is formed thanks to protein. Shortage will lead it to weakening of skin.

How to remove extensions on body

If extensions have pink or violet color, then still it is possible to get rid of them. If they have got corporal shade, then it is possible to make them less noticeable. For this purpose it is necessary to follow some rules and to do periodically procedures and exercises.

The healthy nutrition is capable to create miracles. It is worth reconsidering the daily diet. To add proteinaceous food and also to use fruit and vegetables daily. You should not forget also about water. It is necessary to drink not less, than 1.5 l of water. Waters as tea, various juice and lemonades will not be able to feed organism correctly.

The contrast shower will help to bring skin into tone and also will improve metabolism and blood supply. It is necessary to do it every day. And after shower moisturize the skin. Any creams will approach. It is especially good if as a part of cream there are hyaluronic acid, peptides, useful oils and vitamin complexes.

That blood circulation has improved and skin cells were regenerated quicker, it is necessary to use peelings and soft srubs. They will make integument soft and elastic and also will help to restore normal skin color.

Refusal of addictions and introduction of fitness. Smoking and alcohol negatively are reflected in organism in general. Skin tries to remove toxins, harmful to organism. But it is very heavy. To reduce load of skin it is necessary to refuse addictions. Besides because of smoking of cage are not saturated with oxygen and are badly regenerated. And the fitness or any other physical activities will help to accelerate blood circulation and saturation of all cages of organism oxygen.

To level relief of skin and to constantly saturate skin cells, it is necessary to use professional tools from extensions. If on expensive medicines there is no money, then it is possible to use the national and checked methods. For example, to do wrapping by seaweed or to do cream of mummy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team