Eyelash extension: pros and cons

Eyelash extension: pros and cons

search of ideal ink comes to a standstill, and native eyelashes do not please with density and volume – it is a high time to think of eyelash extension. Perhaps, there is no easier way to make the look deep and expressive. The most important is not to be mistaken at material selection and method of building.

The most widespread materials for eyelash extension are synthetic materials and polymers, human hair and microfiber. Length of cilia depends on wishes of the specific girl and is ranging from 6 up to 17 mm. The most popular colors – dark gray and black. Professionals of the industry of beauty increase cilia of different length, it gives to naturalness look. That eye looked as it is possible more naturally, the shortest hairs increase on lower eyelid and on internal corner of eyes. Long dispose closer to external corner. Experimenting with length of cilia, it is possible to adjust easily eye shape and to mask their shortcomings.

Artificial eyelashes are pasted not to eyelid skin as many think, and got on native eyelash, kind of extending and thickening it. Therefore the increased eyelashes can not always suit those girls who have brittle eyelashes and weakened. In that case, before the procedure of eyelash it is necessary to strengthen. There is a lot of options of strengthening: from saloon procedures before care in house conditions national recipes.

There is number of the bans which appear right after the procedure of building:

  • the first day after extension of eyelash absolutely cannot be touched;
  • the habitual dream "the person in pillow" should be cancelled, otherwise there is chance to finally spoil new eyelashes;
  • it is undesirable to use mascara;
  • it is forbidden to use cosmetics containing oils.

Also increased eyelashes do not endure heat and hot water, they cannot be combed. It is necessary to wash only cool water.

The most convenient and joyful in the increased cilia is time. It is possible not to do daily make-up now, laboriously correcting natural imperfections. This procedure will be appreciated by business and busy women when every second on the account. What technologies of building happen? Let's consider 6 most popular.

  1. One-time building. From simple – to difficult. Artificial eyelashes which it is possible to paste houses can look professionally too and even to be steady in sock. The main thing is to choose the worthy brand and it is correct to paste them.
  2. Building of corners. The saloon procedure, economic both for purse, and on time. The saloon master will just strengthen external corner of eye, having pasted several cilia on the edge. Looks moderately and quietly.
  3. Poresnichny building. Or Indonesian way. At such procedure artificial hairs on one paste to native eyelashes. Ciliary row passes evenly on all length of century. Only length of artificial cilia varies.
  4. Japanese building. It is well-known for natural hairs from mink fur. It is the most expensive of all types of building. The method differs from poresnichny in the fact that thin hairs it is possible to paste at once a little on one native eyelash.
  5. 3-D building. This way for those young ladies who prefer dramatic nature in look or theatrical effect. Can get up to three artificial on each native eyelash.
  6. Puchkovy building. Very simple and fast procedure. Eyelashes of such method are well-known for the fragility. But if the speed of building is more priority than its quality, then is what is necessary!

Thanks to the procedure of eyelash extension the fair sex of mankind can not worry about beauty of look any more. The main thing is to observe measure and to choose the image appropriate in specific situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team