Eyelash extension: types and technologies

Eyelash extension: types and technologies

of eyes consists of several indicators: color of eyes, their size, symmetry and also eyelashes. Eyelashes are capable to change expression of look. But not all can brag of long and dense eyelashes from which wave it is possible to delight people around. Eyelash extension will help to make cilia ideal.

There are several types of eyelash extension. It is possible to divide them into 2 categories: distinctions on technology of building and distinction for volume of the increased eyelashes. Also there are various effects of building. It is worth dealing with each category separately.

Technologies of eyelash extension

  1. Puchkovy eyelash extension. This type of building can be met also under the name of the Hollywood building. The point of building is that cilia are attached by the whole bunch to own eyelash.
  2. Japanese or poresnichny building. Cilia are created from mink, sable or silk. Cilia not by bunch, and odinochno are pasted. This procedure very laborious as each eyelash needs to be pasted to native eyelash.
  3. The American technology became analog of the Japanese building. Poresnichny building, material for creation of cilia — silicone.

Classification by volume

  1. Natural building or incomplete volume. Building becomes not to each eyelash. At the request of the client it is possible to increase splendor of eyelashes or on corners, or attaching cilia not on each own eyelash, and through several.
  2. Accumulation of full volume happens when cilia on each own are attached. Exception will become only those cilia which are in stage of growth or are weakened.
  3. Eyelash extension 3D is that on each own eyelash several donorny fasten. After such extension of eyelash will become the most fluffy.

Effects of eyelash extension

Each of possible effects of building will give to eyes the unusual expressiveness. Opportunity to make surprising and unusual look — good way to change itself.

  1. Effect of natural eyelashes. Thanks to such building, eyelashes seem the. This way gives the chance to improve quality of eyelashes imperceptibly for people around. Will seem to all that it is not increased, and the magnificent and dense cilia attracting look.
  2. The rarefied cilia. This effect also gives the chance to hide building. Donor cilia fasten at distance from each other. To all other, these cilia have different length. As a result of eye frame more dense and long cilia.
  3. To extend eyes and to make them deeper, the fox effect will approach. Its essence is that length of the increased cilia increases from internal corner to external. As a result turn out a little slanting as at fox of eye.
  4. To make brushes, masters apply squirrel effect. For this purpose it is required to attach short cilia on all length, and at external corner of century long eyelashes which look as squirrel brushes fasten.
  5. The doll effect will be suitable for fans of creative. To make eyes as at doll, masters fix very long cilia to own. As a result there is feeling that from wave of such eyelashes it is possible to fly up.

There are also other effects of eyelash extension, but they are used quite seldom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team