Eyeliner – we choose the best

Eyeliner – we choose the best

differ in variety of types now, thanks to them it is possible to make look visually more attractive and to hide some shortcomings.

Today planimetric pencils of various shades, nacreous and opaque are in great demand. Very important point is pencil hardness degree. Soft pencils usually trace bright, saturated lines. Especially well they are suitable for eyeliner of inside of century. Put with firm pencils more accurate lines which keep in the eyes longer.

In comparison with pencils the liquid eyeliners have big firmness and give brighter shades. Here the brush form is important. At stage of development of liquid eyeliner it is better to choose eyeliners felt-tip pens which are more convenient in use. Already more skilled ladies as for drawing of the flat line abilities are necessary in this case use brushes.

Gel eyeliners have not become widespread, however at the same time are considered as quite effective as differ in steady and saturated flowers. Creamy eyeliners - novelty of the last time, but they are used most often by professional stylists as these means are difficult in drawing.

It is convenient to use eyeliner felt-tip pen, it pretty fast dries. For receiving the thinnest lines it is worth using powder means. The pressed eyeliner is applied on eyelid by means of damp brush. This means contains small amount of wax thanks to what it can keep on skin long time and not be showered. The correct eyeliner will help to hide various shortcomings, for example, visually to improve close put eyes. Draw thin line of the middle of the century then make it thicker, having raised it smoothly to temples. To use widely put eye shadow, draw dense black line at the eyelashes. For visual increase in small eyes begin to carry out arrow of the middle of the century at the basis of eyelashes. Bring her for external corner and raise up. To emphasize round eyes, draw line from internal corner on upper eyelid to external. Then raise the turned-out line to temples, but be careful at arrow conclusion for edge of eye. Repeat action already on lower eyelid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team