Face care in house conditions

Face care in house conditions

Nothing so is pleasing to the eye and draws attention as the happy and well-groomed woman who has accepted and has fallen in love with herself such what is. If till 30 flyings of it it is possible to achieve rather not in the expensive and fast ways, then every year fight for beauty and preservation of youth becomes more persistent and more difficult. It is not obligatory to stop the choice on expensive cosmetics or saloon leaving at all. Today it is possible to cope perfectly with this task independently at home, using inexpensive means. The main thing is to do it correctly.

 Obligatory actions for leaving

  • Cleaning of face and time
  • Peeling or scrubbing
  • Application of masks for more deep cleansing
  • Skin toning

Procedure for face cleaning - initial and obligatory. It eliminates such troubles as black dots and also deletes pollution from the upper layer of the skin, preparing it for the subsequent procedures. If to pass this step, then the efficiency of the subsequent actions considerably decreases or at all becomes useless.

Use of srubs is also important component in fight for youth and beauty. Now the wide range of similar means is presented at the market, but, selecting it, it is necessary to consider the type of skin not to damage, to cause allergic reactions and not to make the injuring actions. Scrubbing helps to delete dirt, skin fat and the keratosic skin cells.

During face peel there is disclosure of time that gives the chance, at use of specialized masks, to remove black dots and to close time to avoid further contamination and to give to skin healthy look. Also there is great variety of masks for moistening, food, giving of gloss, recovery of skin. It is only necessary to choose that will approach, to enjoy process and to rejoice to result.

Also for closing of time and giving of freshness and gloss to skin means for tonization are used. It is the last, but important step which you should not neglect. As a rule, the mousses, emulsions or creams recovering balance and napityvayushchy skin useful microelements are for this purpose used.

The main mistakes at face care

It is possible to carry to the most frequent mistakes:

  • daily application of srubs,
  • too frequent holding procedure of cleaning,
  • ignoring of evening or morning washing,
  • washing with use of hot water,
  • removal of cosmetics water, but not special means,
  • touches suit not disinfected or dirty hands,
  • not integrated approach in the course of skin care,
  • tough grinding by towel after washing.

Do not forget about these simple rules, and your skin in gratitude will please you and surrounding with health and beauty.   

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team