Face care in the flying

Face care in the flying

In the flying of not so poorly aggressive factors which do not add to health face skin: the burning sunshine, dust, sharp contrast of temperatures in the room cooled with the conditioner and on the heated city street … The correct leaving will help to keep skin in perfect tune even under such circumstances.

Toning and clarification

It is necessary to purify skin in warm season not only in the morning and before going to bed, but also every time after you have returned from the street. Remember that soap and alkali strengthen sweating therefore it is better to use skin or mousse if you have oily skin, or cosmetic milk if skin is inclined to dryness. After washing it will be quite good to wipe face with camomile broth.


Nutritious means for skin have to have light texture in the flying and be put only for the night. It is better to give preference to such creams which part are natural, vegetable and animal, fats, oils and vitamins. It is necessary to put cream on face not later, than in 30 minutes prior to dream.


Face care cannot be imagined without the correct moistening of skin in the flying. If oily skin, is suitable for this purpose gel better - it does not clog up pores. For other types of skin it is possible to use easy emulsion.

It is less preferable to use cream, but if you have stopped the choice on it, take care that it had the light thawing texture, well humidified and was ideal for your type of skin.

You do not hurry to apply cream right after the procedure of washing. Moisten face with thermal or mineral water, wait until skin dries, and only then use cream.

Protection against the sun

Use the cosmetics containing UV filters. And here acids including fruit – improper component for summer cosmetics – they increase sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet. Face care will be more effective in the flying if vitamins A, In, With and E are part of the cosmetics chosen by you.

Eyelid skin care

Surely apply special means to skin around eyes: this site of the person is most subject to dryness and needs special care. Use in the flying means which contain aloe juice – it helps to remove swelling century and provides careful care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team