Face exercises

Face exercises

All incidents which happen to the person during life leave the mark on face. The frowned eyebrows, the lowered corners of lips, wrinkles plowing forehead – all this traces of the negative events changing shape not to the best. The gymnastics for the person will help to correct mark which was left by time and vital difficulties.


1. It is necessary to start occupations with great mood, then they will be effective. Choose time when nobody sees you, open window leaf to provide inflow of fresh air, accept pose more conveniently and begin … The exercise for face rejuvenation improving the blood circulation increasing elasticity of skin of neck: open widely mouth, put out tongue, it is how possible, raise eyes up and record such situation for minute. Repeat exercise 2-3 times.

2. For strengthening of muscles of neck and preservation of contour of lips do the following: throw back the head back, stretch the lips extended in tubule to nose, repeat this movement of 5 times. Preservation of face form is promoted by inflation of cheeks. Inflate them at full capacity and roll air from left to right and up - down to 10 times.

3. By means of simple gymnastics it is possible to smooth mimic wrinkles between eyebrows – raise eyebrows up and make 20 stroking movements from nose bridge to eyebrows. For elimination of goose pads raise finger-tips external corners of eyes, at the same time densely having narrowed eyes. Repeat several times. The elasticity of lips will help to keep such exercise – press densely compressed lips two fingers and without moving away them, send lips air-kiss.

4. One more obligatory component of care for face skin – massage, it promotes good blood circulation. Doing exercises for face rejuvenation and massage regularly, you will notice positive results soon – skin will come to tone, will become gentle and elastic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team