Face lifting. What to choose method

Face lifting. What to choose method

Face lifting will help women to remove shortcomings of skin and to remove wrinkles. There are 2 main types of lifting — surgical and non-invasive. And before making decision on holding procedure it is worth choosing the most acceptable look.

It is the lifting method allowing to grind kind of face skin. There is procedure by means of influence of the laser which simply takes away the upper layer of the skin. Therefore it is better to call this method peeling. After processing of face skin, active process of its restoration begins.

Even if the procedure is carried out by the experienced expert, you should not expect amazing effect instantly. Laser lifting results in traumatism of skin cells. And on their restoration time leaves. Besides the frequent by-effect can be considered peeling and reddening of integument, her morbidity and hypersensitivity. And the women suffering from acne need to be prepared for the fact that there will be exacerbation of disease.

Sometimes this type of lifting is called lifting of face skin. But new technologies have allowed to get rid of surgical intervention. Correction of blurring of contours happens thanks to ultrasonic waves to certain frequency.

Thanks to special electromagnetic impact on face skin, there is its warming up. As a result of cage begin to produce gilauronovy acid. There are new collagenic fibers, and old are stimulated and reduced. The popularity of the procedure is based that after the first session the improvement of face skin is noticed. But the maximum effect can be reached only after 8 procedures.

You should not forget that this procedure has also contraindications. If the woman has damages on skin or inflammatory process, then the procedure can be carried out only after complete recovery. At pregnancy it is also forbidden to carry out radio wave lifting. Availability of pacemaker also is contraindication as radio pulses can bring down control of stimulator.

There are still such types of non-invasive lifting as photorejuvenation, vacuum massage and stimulation by current. And to improve face skin and to tighten it, at several o'clock it is possible to use special serum.

It is already surgical method at which microincisions become and through them carry out the special resolving threads. The implanted threads are in certain cases applied. The face lifting is made thanks to special cones which are hooked for certain sites of skin and bring up them.

It is new technology in plastic hirugiya. The difference from usual plastics is that cuts are made on the hidden sites, for example in mouth or in hair part of the head. The endoscope is entered into microincision and the doctor makes necessary manipulations.

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