Face pack from gelatin

Face pack from gelatin

is known that the majority of creams with the rejuvenating effect, incorporate collagen, the substance maintaining elasticity and elasticity of skin. One of the most valuable sources of natural natural collagen is gelatin. Thanks to it and also thanks to good solubility, it perfectly is suitable for cosmetic masks.

There is set of recipes of face packs from gelatin. We will provide several most known in this article and effective of them. So, the first recipe. On 1 tablespoon of powder of gelatin it is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of cool water. In 30-40 minutes when gelatin inflates, mix needs to be put on water bath. When powder completely is dissolved, it can be removed and after it cools down to room temperature, it should be mixed with the following components:

- for oily skin: 1 tablespoons of kefir, 1 tablespoon of wheat flour; - for dry skin: 1 tablespoons of 20% sour cream, 1 tablespoon of powder from oat flakes or oatmeal.

All components need to be mixed before formation of dense gruel. It should be applied to clean skin, and in 20 minutes to remove by means of cotton tampon. The special milk gelatinous mask will be suitable for dry face skin. Gelatin is presoaked also as in the previous recipe, but instead of water milk undertakes. Mix is put on bath, then cooled. In 20 minutes after drawing it needs to be removed, using as liquid for removal of mask milk.

One more recipe of gelatinous mask suitable for face cleansing from black dots. For preparation of mask, it is necessary to adhere to the general scheme provided in the first recipe. The turned-out solution is put on face in 2-3 layers by means of brush. After drying of the first layer the second is put, then the third. In half an hour it is possible to unmask. It becomes just fingers. The mask will last as film. For production of the bleaching gelatinous mask it is necessary to take one cucumber of the average sizes, to husk with it and to crush in the blender. Then, it is necessary to squeeze out juice in which it is necessary to wet 1 tablespoon of gelatinous powder of the turned-out weight. Then solution is prepared according to the scheme described above, and the thickened weight is put on face. Unmask in 20-30 minutes. For preparation of gelatinous mask from wrinkles it is possible to use the following recipe. It is necessary to mix 1 tablespoon of gelatin and 2 tablespoons of milk, after swelling to warm up on water bath. At this time in solution it is necessary to add 1 egg white and to mix. After cooling the mask is put on face, and in 20-30 minutes take off it hands, accurately separating film. The face pack from gelatin is magnificent means for maintenance of health, youth and the general tone of skin. Thanks to their use it is possible to achieve mitigation, bleaching of skin, clarification of time, smoothing of small wrinkles and also blood circulation improvement.

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