Face packs: beauty and shine of skin in house conditions

Face packs: beauty and shine of skin in house conditions

At the cosmetics produced in the industrial method there is always number of preservatives without which long storage is impossible. Huge advantage of house face packs – absolute naturalness.

The useful habit to indulge the person several times a week will provide with masks of house preparation to you the shining and healthy skin. Preparation of natural mask will not take a lot of time, the main thing to consider own type of skin. Home care by means of masks can be divided into three main stages: clarification, moistening and toning. The maximum effect will give application of each mask of times a week.

The cleaning masks with easy peeling action are preparing on the basis of the crushed oat flakes. At preparation of structure for the fat or combined skin porridge is mixed with egg yolk and spoon of honey and held on face of 15 minutes. You watch time, it is quite difficult to wash away the dried-up mask. Use warm boiled water for washing. For dry and sensitive skin oat flakes mix with polished cucumber or quince and add spoon of sour cream or heavy cream. Maintain mask on face of 20 minutes, wash camomile broth.

Moistening – very important stage in fight for youth and beauty of skin. Even oily skin needs the moistening procedures. Well keep and hold moisture on mask skin on the basis of fruit and fermented milk products. Rub on small grater or crush the mixer apple, melon or apricot. Mix fruit puree with kefir at fat type of skin or sour cream – at the dry or combined skin. Put weight thick layer on face. In 20 minutes wash away mask and wipe the skin with the moisturizing lotion.

If the mask has turned out too liquid – add to weight potato starch before achievement of desirable consistence.

Most moistening effect will give application of mask from aloe and glycerin. To mix tablespoon of glycerin from 50 g of warm water and two tablespoons of pulp of aloe. Thicken weight to creamy state by means of oatmeal and apply to the cleaned skin. In 20 minutes the mask is washed away with application of skin or gel for washing with neutral PH. Tonic masks are universal and are suitable for any type of skin. In the majority of the stimulating masks the main ingredient is honey so if you have no allergy to this product, safely use it in face skin care. It is possible to tighten skin and to refresh complexion at regular use of banana and honey mask. The half of banana is grated or kneaded fork, add honey spoon, yolk of one egg and several drops of almond oil (if skin very dry). Ingredients carefully mix up and if necessary are a little warmed up on water bath up to the comfortable temperature. The mask is put on face and carefully washed away in 20 minutes. If desired banana can be replaced with apricot, peach or avocado.

Every time prepare masks from fresh products just before application.

When skin needs to return urgently healthy shine and tone, use the checked recipe: to kindle small piece of dark chocolate on water bath, to add tablespoon of salt and two spoons of natural yogurt. To apply warm mask to face skin thin layer. 20 minutes later it is necessary to wash carefully warm water and to wipe skin with ice cube. Salt as a part of mask will save from hypostases and will tighten face form, and chocolate will soften and will refresh skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team