Face packs from color clay

Face packs from color clay

Clay was since ancient times used not only in medicine at poisonings, stretchings, muscular pains, but also in cosmetology. Thanks to stimulating, anti-inflammatory and cleaning properties clay has held a firm place in the system of curative face packs. Masks from color clay enjoy deserved popularity again.


1. Green clay will be ideal for oily skin. It restores metabolism and disinfects skin. Being perfectly absorbed, it gets deeply into skin and cleans it. Thanks to tonic properties, green clay narrows pores. It causes rush of blood to skin and stimulates development of new cages. Your skin is updated. Masks from green clay soften skin, give it elasticity and smoothness, eliminate wrinkles and hypostases. To get rid of greasy luster, use such mask from green clay. Mix them on the 2nd tablespoons of green clay, talc and milk, apply to skin, in 20 minutes wash away. Apply nutritious cream.

2. Blue clay cleans and disinfects skin. It has the largest amount of mineral salts which are simply necessary for skin: silicon dioxide, iron, nitrogen, phosphates. In traditional medicine use blue clay for fight against baldness. The cleaning mask will make your skin of blue clay younger and elastic. Fill in clay with cold water (surely cold, from hot clay loses properties), disturb to such state that clay reminded sour cream. Add a little olive oil and egg yolk. Put even layer on face, in 20 minutes wash away.

3. White clay (or as it is called still koalin) is suitable for flabby, sluggish skin. It is rich with silicon dioxide, zinc and magnesium. These substances "tighten" skin. White clay is useful also to thin skin. It can be used as means for strengthening of hair. From white clay excellent "masks braces" turn out. One of recipes: carefully mix 3 teaspoons of white clay, 3 tablespoons of milk and 1 teaspoon of honey. Put on face, through 15-20 wash away.

4. Red, gray and yellow clays can seldom be met in pure form, most often any of flowers already is part of mask. Correctly to choose mask, consider the following. Red clay removes allergy and reddenings. It is better to use it for sensitive skin. Wishing clay is rich with iron and potassium, promotes conclusion of toxins and nourishes skin oxygen. Gray clay ideal for dry and weather-beaten face, it nourishes and tones up skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team