Face packs from sperm

Face packs from sperm

Since ancient times of the woman aim to keep the youth and beauty, for these purposes the most various herbs, products and medicines are used. It was not already that miracle properties of men's seed have been open at the time. How exactly this ingredient was applied by ancestors, precisely already nobody learns, but relying on modern science, it is possible to tell precisely: at the correct approach the effect of it will not keep itself waiting long.

Recently house masks have enough become widespread, first of all it is connected with profitability and naturalness of these procedures. For them the most various ingredients can be used: hay, curdled milk, potatoes and even men's seed.

Remarkable properties of men's seed

In spite of the fact that very few people like to discuss sperm, and especially to speak about it as about cosmetic, about seed and its wonderful properties the set of books is written. Moreover, fact of common knowledge is that this "men's" component is part of many expensive French creams.

Useful properties the seed only from "donor" who before shares sperm, did not drink, did not smoke, did not use drugs and did not eat heavy food has. It is the best of all if he eats fruit and sweets.

According to official figures, the seed of the man contains the mass of active agents, enzymes and proteins. Also it contains 0.5% of fruit acid – lemon, some of the best cosmetic products can brag of such indicator. Thanks to the chemical composition, sperm has the following effects: • bleaching; • peeling; • skin nourishment; • smoothing of wrinkles; • narrowing of time.

Many beauty shops offer the rejuvenating procedures with application of seed of the person, however, most likely, they use sperm of bull or at all artificial analog.

Use of sperm in the cosmetic purposes

From the aforesaid it becomes clear, seed – unique ingredient of youth and beauty, however, at its use it is necessary to be careful. The danger is that all wonderful substances in sperm contain in the concentrated look, and skin can react to them extraordinary: there can be reddenings or rash. There are also age restrictions for masks from sperm of the person, and it is connected not with moral standards. This type of nonconventional cosmetics will suit women after 30, it is all about huge amount of protein, he is capable to prevent and smooth wrinkles and also to moisturize the skin. For younger persons the effect can be unexpected: appearance of allergy and eels is possible.


Because of high concentration of some substances before application the seed needs to be diluted it with other ingredients. Masks can regularly be done of seed of the man, one-two in week, on condition of lack of negative reactions of skin. The mask from 1 h l of seed and 2 h l of juice scarlet will be ideal for oily skin of the person. As dry terms as thinner it is better for owners to choose kefir. Also as basis egg, cream, honey and vegetable oils will approach. It is necessary to hold masks 20 minutes, and then to wash away warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team