Face packs in house conditions

Face packs in house conditions

Recipes of these face packs are suitable absolutely for any type of skin: fat, combined, dry or sensitive. Besides, it is easy to prepare masks in house conditions.

The mask from oat flakes — cleans and rejuvenates

Porridge — unique product of beauty. Regular consumption of oats in food promotes clarification of organism, digestion improvement, treatment of various diseases, weight loss. And masks from porridge create really amazing effect: rejuvenate, level complexion, clean and soften skin. Here the recipe of the most plain mask from oat flakes.

Ingredients: — 1 tablespoon of the oat flakes crushed in the coffee grinder or the blender — 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt without fragrances — Several drops of honey

Mix yogurt and oat flakes in bowl. Warm honey. That to make it, take teaspoon under hot water jet and after that drip in it honey. Add the warmed honey to porridge with yogurt and stir. Put mask on face and leave for 10 minutes then wash away warm water. Mask from cat litter — Spa effect it is improbable, but the fact! Some types of fillers for cat's toilets consist of the same clay, as well as expensive masks in day spa! This unique discovery was made by Diana Ayrons, the recognized expert in the world of beauty and the author of books about beauty. Look for fillers part of which sodium betonite is. It is also 100% natural clay. Here the simplest recipe for preparation of mask from filler in house conditions. Ingredients: — 2 tablespoons of filler — Water — Several drops of your darling radio to maslasmeshayta all ingredients, put mask on face, wash away in 15 minutes. Mask from turmeric — clarification of kozhikurkum — the known spice to many dishes in India, the Southern Asia and on the Middle East. But if to mix turmeric with yogurt, milk or olive oil — you receive the unique clarifying face pack. Be careful: the mask from turmeric can paint too light skin. In several hours of spot will disappear. Ingredients: — 2 tablespoons of flour (it is used for paste consolidation) — ¼ tablespoons of turmeric — For oily skin: ¼ glasses of natural yogurt several drops of lemon juice — For dry skin: 2 tablespoons or are more than olive, almond or coconut oil — Several drops to medasmeshayta turmeric and flour. For oily skin: add lemon juice and mix. Slowly enter mix into yogurt constantly mixing. Disturb to creamy consistence. For dry skin: slowly pour in oil in mix of turmeric and flour, constantly stirring slowly. Disturb before formation of paste without lumps. If necessary add oil. In ready mask pour several drops of honey. Put mask on face and wash away in 15 minutes. Coffee and cocoa to litsakofa and cocoa are applied to improvement of color in housebyyutby -процедурах long ago. In combination they reduce puffiness of the person and in eye area, refresh and tone up skin. Ingredients: — 4 tablespoons of ground coffee — 4 tablespoons of cocoa without additives — 8 tablespoons of any dairy product: milk, sour cream, natural yogurt — 2 h spoon of honey (if you have dry skin) or lemon juice (if oily skin) Mix all ingredients to uniform consistence and put on face. After the mask dries on face — it can be washed away. It is possible to store ready mask in the fridge several days. The rejuvenating mask from tykvytykv — natural source of the peeling acids and antioxidants. The mask from pulp of pumpkin will help to improve complexion, to prevent emergence of wrinkles and will protect skin from photoageing. Ingredients: — ½ glasses of pulp of pumpkin — 2 eggs — — 1 teaspoon of honey (for dry skin) — 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (for oily skin) Prepare 2 teaspoons of natural yogurt (for the dry or combined skin) from pulp of pumpkin of puree and add to it some egg. If you have dry skin, add yogurt and honey to mix. If fat — apple cider vinegar. Put mask on face and take 10-15 minutes. Wash away cool water and moisturize the skin cream.

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