Face packs with kefir

Face packs with kefir

Natural fermented milk products among which kefir is very popular are widely used for maintenance of health of skin. Masks from kefir are plain performed by, are effective, available and checked by time.

Advantages and useful properties of kefiric masks

Kefir is good not only the fact that it contains the special bacteria which are well influencing organism from within but also the cleaning properties. It is equally useful all-type skin as dry it humidifies, combined cleans, and at fat removes grease gloss. Any restrictions on use of kefiric masks are also absent therefore the mask on its basis can be picked up for elimination of various problems with skin including those that are connected with age changes.

Useful properties masks for the person with kefir: - careful removal of pollution from time;

- their narrowing; - giving to velvet skin; - normalization of activity of sebaceous glands; - improvement of complexion; - moistening and nutrition; - prevention of presenilation.

For achievement of positive results it is only necessary to consider specific problems and the type of skin to pick up the recipe which is the most suitable for it and to apply it regularly.

Recipes of face packs from kefir

To make the cleaning mask for oily skin, it is necessary to mix tablespoon rice or oatmeal from 2 tablespoons of kefir to uniform consistence. The received structure at first needs to be made facial massage then to leave mask on skin on quarter of hour. The mask for elasticity of oily skin will turn out when mixing in equal proportions of juice of sweet cherry and kefir. Mix turns out rather liquid therefore it is more convenient to apply it lying. Wash away mask after its drying. The mask for dry skin which will help to eliminate feeling of tightness is cooked from kefir from mix by 1 tablespoon of kefir with the same amount of honey and teaspoon of vegetable oil. It is necessary to wash away this structure warm water half an hour later after drawing. The nutritious mask for normal and dry skin turns out from mix of tablespoon of kefir, 1 yolk and 1 tsp of olive oil. It is necessary to keep mix on skin not less than 20 minutes then to wash away warm water.

For comprehensive care behind the person it is possible to use not only masks from kefir. If to replace with them habitual means for washing, then improvement of condition of skin can be noticed already week later.

How to put kefiric face packs

The secret of success of these cosmetic procedures consists in preliminary obligatory clarification of skin before causing any structure and also in regularity of the carried-out procedures. Therefore if there is a wish to receive visible result, it is necessary to use masks courses, doing them at least two times a week. After holding 10 procedures it is necessary to take break, otherwise skin can get used to components of masks and cease to react to them.

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