Face peel at the cosmetologist: restoration after the procedure

Face peel at the cosmetologist: restoration after the procedure

Whatever cleaning you have undergone, there is number of the general recommendations which need to be followed after visit of beauty shop. However for each type of the procedure there are features on leaving and restoration.

General rules of restoration

In day of holding procedure it is not recommended to drink alcohol or to smoke much – it affects the speed of recovery of your skin. After cleaning it is impossible to go to bath or sauna, to visit sunbed and to wash hot water – all this injures skin. Surely use cream with protection against sunshine, and whenever possible at all try not to come to the sun right after cleaning. Also you should not substitute your gentle, just purified leather, to strong wind.

Face peel by the laser

Effective procedure, but quite traumatic. And business even not that the laser is dangerous to your skin. Modern medical devices do not do any harm, however do not forget that the procedure completely deletes the upper layer of the skin, doing it very sensitive and vulnerable. Be ready that the first 2-3 days skin will itch and be shelled, also after the procedure the feeling of tightness is observed. It is absolutely normal as under the influence of the laser the skin rag is slightly reduced and finds tone.

The first three days after laser cleaning it is better not to leave the house – skin is too subject to influence of dirt, sunshine and pathogenic microorganisms. During this period it is necessary to put special antiburn and antibacterial funds on face and to wash soft gels or skins. For 5-6 day it is possible to refuse medical ointments, having replaced them with the moistening means. In general, unpleasant feelings and redness after laser cleaning stick to about a week. But the end result will pleasantly surprise you.

Mechanical face peel

From all types of cleanings mechanical – the most effective, but also the most traumatic. The doctor deletes comedones, the keratosic cells and other imperfections of your skin by means of mechanical influence with hands with use of special tools. After the procedure on face there can be reddenings, small bruises or even microscopic wounds. For leaving and recovery of skin use the intensive moisturizing gels or masks and also lotions which are not containing alcohol. Usually reddening and spots take place within hour if it did not happen, process face skin gel of aloe belief or any sedative. If after cleaning you had had pimples, apply on them the drying cream proofreader and do dot masks of cosmetic clay.

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