Face rejuvenation in house conditions

Face rejuvenation in house conditions

Till 25 flyings, skin is constantly updated for aged people therefore looks tightened and elastic. After 25 flyings updating processes significantly slows down and skin begins to lose elasticity, becomes subject to stretchings, loses natural shine. To help skin to remain healthy, beautiful and tightened, it is not obligatory to spend the impressive sums for visit of the cosmetologist and expensive cosmetics at all. House face rejuvenation will help you to keep youth and beauty.

After 30 flyings the main objective at skin care, is narrowing of time and removal of surplus of fat which does not allow to peel to the died-off cages, slowing down skin updating process. The main rejuvenating procedures for the person after 30 flyings is use of the cleaning and peeling means. To put the cleaning cosmetics, such as gel, or the milk is necessary for washing most accurately, without stretching skin not to provoke formation of new wrinkles.

 After the procedure of clarification, it is necessary to apply tonic to skin. This cosmetic helps to restore acid-base balance. Optimal variant – use of tonics on the basis of aloe belief, pink water and witch-hazel.

It is necessary to include surely in the procedure of clarification of skin peeling by means of srubs or soft bast. However too you should not be fond of peeling. Optimal variant – holding 1-2 procedures in week. The main secret of house rejuvenation is that after skin processing by srub and washings it is necessary to put on face fermented milk product on natural basis which part live bacteria are.

The fact is that mechanical face peel by means of srub or bast causes formation of microinjuries for which healing white blood little bodies are responsible. They cause production of elastin and collagen which are responsible for elasticity and elasticity of skin. Drawing on skin of natural yogurt or any other fermented milk product with live bacteria, stimulate work of white blood little bodies macrophages, thereby returns to skin youth and beauty. Yogurt should be held on face about 10-15 minutes then to wash away and apply nutritious cream.

Such rejuvenation of skin in house conditions will bring results quickly enough if not to be lazy and regularly to carry out these simple cosmetic procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team