Face rejuvenation without surgery. The Spanish massage from wrinkles

Face rejuvenation without surgery. The Spanish massage from wrinkles

Beauty and youth directly depend on human health in general. However there are techniques allowing to support face skin in tone and to return it healthy and fit look.

Once, you will approach mirror and with regret will find out that here and there wrinkles have appeared, in places face skin has begun to droop, at some even – to become covered by pigmental spots. It is process it is inevitable, it is not necessary to be afraid of it as to you it is not necessary and to be upset about it. Because the modern medicine and cosmetology can brag of huge number of methods of tightening and rejuvenation of face skin. It is possible to keep youth and it is necessary! It is enough to follow simple rules, to regularly moisturize the skin and more often to visit cosmetology office.

To keep youth, begin to use creams and masks approximately since 25. Once a week do moisturizing masks, every evening use the moisturizing cream for face and skin of hands. Dryness – the first reason of aging of skin.

So, there is a lot of ways to keep youth of face skin, but what to choose? To operation the relation sharply negative, it absolutely radical methods. And here to resemble different procedures and to carry out for an hour or two at the cosmetologist or the massage therapist, it, as they say, with pleasure. With advantage as a hobby and bodies. But here besides the choice is big. What method the most effective? Advertizing dazzles with various names of means and procedures and promises immediate, amazing result. Really, ways to return to face skin youth, cheerfulness, elasticity much. You should not focus attention to all, it is considered that each of them is worthy attention. But there is one really interesting and, the main thing, pleasant method. Facial massage. It is classical, dot, lymphatic drainage, Japanese. But in more detail it should be taken into account the Spanish massage for the person.

Skin constantly needs moistening. Try to exclude addictions and to eat properly. Do not abuse sunbed and sunshine. Skin issushivatsya - and process of aging accelerates.

To this technique more than three decades. Professor Enrique Castells García has created and has developed it. This massage includes Buddhist practicians, manual therapy, yoga traditional Indian medicine. It is carried out on face, neck and zone of decollete. What does the vaunted unconditional advantage of this method of non-invasive face lifting consist in?

The Spanish modeling massage raises tone of muscles, improves metabolism in cages, at the expense of it processes of production of collagen and elastin are activated. Microblood circulation improves that, as a result, promotes filling of organism oxygen. And owing to drainage effect excess liquid is removed and puffiness descends. How many effects of only one massage! Perhaps, it is worth testing this remarkable procedure immediately.

Massage in house conditions demands thorough training of the person. Wash away cosmetics, use srub and tonic. Make steam masks on the person - the effect of massage will be much more notable as time will reveal, and muscles will relax.

So, you have registered in the Spanish massage that waits for you. During the Spanish massage, deep skin layers are affected, the muscular contracture is created, that is central part of muscle is involved in active work. Especially it touches those muscles which have tone and elasticity the lowest. Massage is carried out within 20 minutes. The procedure has contraindications, surely consult with the expert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team