Face skin care

Face skin care

Beautiful face skin - probably, each girl dreams of it. The face is mirror in which our emotions, mood, our health are reflected. Women use set of the efforts that face skin looked healthy, smooth, humidified. It is not so difficult to make it, performing daily operations.

It is required to you

  • - the cleaning means;
  • - tonic;
  • - day cream;
  • - night cream;
  • - masks;
  • - srubs.


1. The four-stage system of care for skin is around the world applied. For a start you need to define skin type (normal, dry, fat, combined). Knowing the type of skin and age, you without effort will pick up to yourself her care products.

2. Clarification - washing of skin by means of the cleaning means (skins, gels, milk). In the evening surely we purify leather by means of umyvalka. Even if did not use decorative cosmetics, skin worked the whole day and deserves that it was cleaned.

3. Tonization - this stage is completed by skin clarification. We apply tonic on cotton pad and we wipe face, avoiding eye area. If has pulled together skin after washing, then this feeling will leave! If you look at disk, it will be not ideally white, and it means that even after clarification not all pollution were removed that once again proves that tonic is necessary.

4. Moistening - this stage includes use of day cream which forms film and protects skin from negative impact of the external environment. Day cream is applied after tonization. It needs to allow to be absorbed, and to blot surplus with napkin, only after that it is possible to start decorative make-up (if you do it). It is desirable that day cream contained the SPF filter for protection against the sun.

5. Food - leaving by means of night cream. During sleep skin has a rest, is restored, relaxes, receives necessary elements.

6. The additional stage includes masks and srubs. Masks are usually put for 10-15 minutes and 1-2 times a week are applied. They perform functions of clarification, moistening, food. Srubs peel upper layer, after their use skin becomes very smooth and gentle. It is necessary to put them for 1-2 minutes, then to massage face with circular motions and to wash away water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team