Face skin care after 45 flyings

Face skin care after 45 flyings

After 45 flyings, skin of the woman becomes thinner also to the land, the metabolism in it decreases, on face wrinkles develop. The most part of women aims to fight against these age changes. Cosmetologists in that case advise to change the principles of care for skin.

The basic principles of care for face skin after 45 flyings

After 45 flyings the habitual algorithm of leaving has to be strengthened by skin twice. Daily clarification needs to be combined with easy peeling, the moistening means should be put in the morning and in the evening, more often to do the nutritious and tightening masks, to hold self-massage sessions.

One of the most important looking after means for mature skin – the rejuvenating serum of deep action enriched with the active components getting into deep skin layers. Only such anti-aging means is capable to enrich cages with necessary nutrients, to stimulate production of collagen and elastin.

High-quality skin care after 45 flyings has to improve structure of skin, increase its elasticity and elasticity, to tighten face form, to smooth the existing wrinkles, to fight against pigmentation, to humidify and feed, protect from adverse factors. One means is not capable to cope with such quantity of tasks therefore you will need the creams with effect of lifting moisturizing and nutritious. Active biostimulants and phytohormones which intensively fight against aging of skin are part lifting cream and tighten it. These creams are not recommended to be used constantly, apply their courses two times a year. The nutritious and moisturizing creams should be used daily. Face packs after 45 flyings become not the additional, but the major conditioning agent operating in complex with creams, serums, etc. Masks help to strengthen action of components of other looking after means and also render the emergency help in emergency situations, for example, at hyperpegmentation, puffiness.

Foundations for mature skin

After 45 flyings it is necessary to select very attentively decorative cosmetics, in particular – foundation. Incorrectly picked up tone means will not disguise defects of skin, and will emphasize them. The modern market of cosmetics offers various foundations developed especially for mature skin. They not only visually improve its appearance, but also contain large number of the looking after components and also protect from ultraviolet. Correctly to pick up tone means, first of all pay attention to its consistence. Ideal foundation has to be light texture and rather liquid consistence. Dense creams on mature skin look unnaturally and emphasize its roughnesses. To choose shade, apply a little "foundation" on chin. If means completely merges with your skin – this foundation suits you. Vegetable extracts and extracts, acids, oils, sun-protection components, reflective pigments have to be part of good tone means. If wheaten proteins and chitin are part of cream – it means possesses lifting effect.

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