Face skin care during cold

Face skin care during cold

Winter – time of temperature drops, frost, strong wind and lack of the sun. Under the influence of these factors the face skin without special attention is shelled, there are pimples and reddenings. To keep healthy look, it is necessary to make algorithm of the procedures different from leaving in the rest of the time.


Exclude from use all lotions and tonics with alcohol content. Use instead of them cosmetic milk which then diligently wash away boiled warm water. Water from under the crane very rigid, perniciously influences on and so weakened skin. Srubs with kremopodobny structure well are suitable for deep cleansing. 


Because of constant temperature difference and humidity skin begins to be shelled. Full leaving includes itself the correct alternation of the nutritious and moistening means. The moisturizing cream is recommended to be applied before going to bed, and nutritious – in the morning. You should not leave too much means on face, otherwise pores can be clogged up that will result in other cosmetic inconveniences.


Dense and fat cream at long stay on frost perfectly will approach for role of the defender. Application of house masks with the content of cottage cheese, fat, yolk, vitamins will be also not superfluous.

Careful leaving

During this period with extra care you apply all funds to skin, avoid sharp movements. Smoothly and accurately distribute cream on the person in order to avoid appearance of wrinkles and flabbiness.

Additional leaving

The fine protectant during cold weather is decorative cosmetics – powder, lipstick, foundation. Such cosmetics has to be on fat basis, otherwise the water which was not in time to be absorbed on the surface of face will turn into ice kristallik which become the additional irritating factor.

Useful tips

Hide the face in hands for several moments at exit to frost that skin has managed to adapt to temperature difference.Do not muffle up the person scarf in order to avoid rubbing and irritation. The exhaled air accumulates small pieces of ice on fabric, it can cause additional friction.

You do not aim to sit down home at return closer to heat. It dries up the skin dehydrated by cold. The emergency recovery of the overdried and angry face skin will be occupied you by more time of money and forces, than systematic and careful care. Watch yourself today to look also magnificent, as well as before the onset of cold weather!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team