Face skin care in house conditions

Face skin care in house conditions

At any time to look faultless, it is necessary to know how it is necessary to look after face skin. At regular use various nutritious, tonic, cleaning and without fail the moisturizing cosmetics achievement of beauty and health of skin is possible.

For a start it is necessary to define to what type the face skin belongs. Only after that it is possible to begin to choose her care products. There are three the main face skin type. Dry skin creates feeling of tightness, is characterized by the narrowed pores and frequent emergence of various peelings. Fat has enlarged pores, often shines gloss and differs in availability of constant inflammatory reactions (in the form of pimples or acne rash). Normal skin does not possess either peelings and feeling of tightness, or greasy luster.

Sometimes the combined face skin type which is characterized by places enlarged pores, and places normal or dry skin meets.

It is very seldom possible to meet in pure form skin, any of types, often various skin problems which provoke the following classification by face skin types are added to all above-mentioned characteristics:

- sensitive skin which reacts to any external factor with emergence of irritation or reddening; - the withering skin which is characterized by availability of wrinkles and flabbinesses;

- problem skin with constant availability of pimples or acne rashes; - the kuperozny skin which is characterized by visible reticulums of capillaries. After definition of type of skin it is necessary to try to fix by all possible forces any given problem. For this purpose it is necessary to follow certain number of rules on face care in house conditions. Home care of face skin which is simply necessary for any type of skin consists in certain manipulations: skin nourishment of the person (twice a day it is necessary to apply nutritious cream, and once a week — mask), moistening (it is necessary to wash not less than two times a day and to drink large amount of liquid) and its clarification (to use srubs once a week).

Practically it is possible to prepare all face skin care products independently in house conditions. They turn out natural and consequently — effective and qualitative.

The rice mask is applied to moistening and nutrition of the withering skin. In order that to prepare it, crush rice seeds (2 tablespoons) by means of the coffee grinder, mix the turned-out flour with sour cream (1 tablespoon) and add 1 tsp of liquid honey. You apply mask to in advance cleaned face skin for 15 minutes then remove with enough warm water. There are also universal house cosmetics helping to look after any type of skin. The strawberry srub perfectly will be suitable for clarification of skin of any type. Take strawberry pulp (3 tablespoons) mix with 1 tablespoon of powdered milk, add essential oils of tangerine and camomile (on 3 droplets). The accurate massing movements clean with the weight which has turned out thus face skin. The procedure can be made within 7-9 minutes, during this time the keratosic part of skin will perfectly be removed, and the open gentle skin layer will perfectly be humidified. The clean crude potatoes grated on small grater will help to give tone to skin around eyes. Mix 1 tablespoon of potatoes with milk (1 tablespoon) and 1 tsp of flour. Apply the received mix to skin and sustain 7-15 minutes. Such mask effektino smoothes small wrinkles and moisturizes the gentle skin around eyes. For washing it is possible to prepare the oat gel suitable also all types of skin. Take 1 tablespoon of oat flakes, turns, calendulas and lavenders, fill in mix with boiled water (8 tablespoons), boil, cool a little, wipe through sieve, add 2 tsps of liquid soap and olive oil and 4 drops of essential oil beya. Wash the received gel twice a day. Thanks to such structure, face skin perfectly is cleaned and eats.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team