Face skin care in the flying

Face skin care in the flying

It would seem, the summer, the sun, skin becomes beautiful, suntanned, it is possible and to have a rest from cosmetic procedures and home care. Far from it, during hot season the face skin more than ever asks attention and needs care. How to look after the person in the flying to support beauty and health?

In the winter face skin suffers from lack of moisture, the sun, change of temperatures, cold, wind. With the advent of the new misfortune is warm - air temperature grows, the sun mercilessly heats (depends on the region). As a result the summer gives us enlarged pores, the increased sweating, emergence is a lot of skin fat, skin dehydration, pigmentation and sometimes burns. What is advised by cosmetologists.

Home care

  • It is important to use as much as possible moistening means for washing in the flying. To purify skin in the morning and in the evening, it is desirable light mousses, skins, milk without alcohol content. Once a week to clean time soft srubs. To tone up skin by means of tonic, micellar water. 
  • Face cream. During the summer period it is better not to overload skin with cosmetics, it will increase work grease and sweat glands. Cream of light structure which is quickly absorbed will approach and moisturizes the skin. It is possible to apply it with one layer under make-up, or to use VV cream (cosmetic product with functions of classical and tone creams), or to be limited to serum with protection against the sun. You look skin at your type: easy emulsions will be suitable for dry and normal, for combined and seboreguliruyushchy gels and fluids with the matting effect will be fat by the way. Day flying cream has to contain the moisturizing substances: hyaluronic acid, collagen; antioxidants for protection of skin against aging in the form of vitamins C and E. Obratite attention that in structure there were no fruit acids, they do skin more sensitive to the active sun.
  • Face packs. The moisturizing mask actually saves skin of any type, especially after long stay in the sun. The problem and combined skin suffers from the increased sebaceous secretion in the flying therefore masks with clay will perfectly clean pores and will remove surplus of fat.
  • Sunglasses will save from emergence of wrinkles around eyes. In the flying without them, all about it know anywhere.
  • Cream with protection against the sun. The modern sun does not spare skin even if hides behind clouds. SPF factor has to raise depending on age, condition of skin and the region.
  • Drinking water. Water needs to be drunk at all seasons of the year, and in the flying especially as the sun and high temperature of air dehydrates organism and skin. 

Care in beauty shop

During the hot period for the person there will be useful moistening courses, lymphatic drainage at hypostases, antikuperozny and anti-inflammatory programs. 

In the flying cosmetologists do not recommend to do chemical peelings, skin grinding by the laser and other active goings because of emergence of the aggressive sun. It is better to postpone such procedures to the next season.

These simple ways will help to keep skin youth, despite the irritating external factors. Protect the beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team