Face skin care with essential oil from dogrose

Face skin care with essential oil from dogrose

Essential oil of dogrose is received from fruits and petals of wild rose (in the people so call dogrose). It is actively used not only in the medical purposes for healing of wounds, but also in cosmetology for moistening and rejuvenation of face skin.

Essential oil of dogrose represents liquid of reddish-golden color with very specific smell and bitterish smack. This surprising means contains large amount of vitamins which rejuvenate, regenerate and moisturize the skin and also restore the damaged fabrics. The microelements which are part of oil of wild rose promote improvement of intracellular exchange. Besides, in it there are fatty acids which preserve skin against negative ultra-violet impact.

For achievement of maximum efficiency essential oil of dogrose is recommended to be used for designated purpose. It really will help to reduce even deep wrinkles, to prevent scarring, to restore elasticity of skin, to get rid of pigmental spots, to moisturize the skin and to remove the shelled spots. Also this oil is shown to application at avitaminosis, burns, bruises and "sacks" under eyes. And here at oily skin care it is better for them not to use.

Cosmetic oil of dogrose can be bought practically in any drugstore. Only before use it is necessary to apply several drops on wrist to check whether you have allergy.

It is possible just to wipe with oil of dogrose face skin. For this purpose moisten cotton tampon in hot water and put a little specified means. It is recommended to wipe face skin every evening. It is possible to enrich with oil of wild rose cream and lotions which you use every day. It is enough to add only several drops, and skin will find healthier and shining look. Also undiluted oil is recommended to be applied on area of wrinkles around mouth and eyes.

At dry skin it is necessary to do special facial massage. For its carrying out it will be required to moisten fingers in warm water and oil, and then the massing movements to process leather within 10 minutes.

There are different recipes of the nutritious and cleaning masks with the above-mentioned ingredient. For example, it is possible to shake up 3 egg yolks and to add 2 tsps of oil of dogrose. The received mix should be applied to the steamed-out face skin for about 10 minutes, and then to wash away warm water. For deep cleansing of skin take 2 tablespoons of the crushed Herculean flakes and fill in with the boiling milk. Wait until they inflate, and add 3 tsps of oil of dogrose.

Such mask needs to be held on face of 10-15 minutes.

If you want to return to skin former elasticity, shake up 1 tsp of honey with egg yolk and 2 tsps of oil of wild rose. Similar mix should be imposed on skin for 15-20 minutes. If to mix 2 tablespoons of wheat germ oil and dogrose and also to add several drops of oils patchouli and geraniums, the excellent anti-aging mask for the withering skin will turn out. Similar means can be used instead of night nutritious cream. For preparation of vitamin cream take 50 g of children's cream and mix it from 1 tsp of juice of aloe and 3 tsps of oil of dogrose. If desired it is possible to add also several drops of oil of olive. Then put the turned-out mix in jar and you store in the fridge. This means can be applied to the cleaned face skin before going to bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team