Facial massage of the house

Facial massage of the house

Facial massage – the procedure promoting improvement of blood circulation of skin, normalization of exchange processes, activity of sebaceous glands. It is excellent prevention of age wrinkles, universal way to smooth already appeared folds, to strengthen face muscles and necks.


  1. Facial massage in house conditions should be done carefully, clean hands, it is admissible to use cosmetic oil or nutritious face cream. Massage very softly, easy smooth movements, without effort and pinches is carried out. The notable advantage of this procedure will be noticeable if to resort to massage not more often than once a day, but it is necessary to do it regularly – from 10 sessions and more. It is necessary to spend for one session 10-15 minutes.
  2. Warm skin strokings from lips to nose, from neck to cheekbones, from nose bridge to forehead. Especially it is possible to press on cheekbones and cheeks. For skin around eyes replace tactics – only softly and gently as it can stretch. Eyelids need circular motions with pressing.
  3. Iron nose from forehead to tip, press wings and straighten with strong pressing. Forehead to promassiruyta pokolachivayushchy, do not ignore the line of hair.
  4. Iron chin from the center to ears as if you equal bend of the person. Iron neck palms up and down and across.
  5. It is necessary to finish the procedure easy strokings and percussions by finger-tips on all area of massage.

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