Fair hair care

Fair hair care

Dyed hair demands permanent care, and clarified especially. For receiving light shades the coloring is carried out in several steps that not in the best way is reflected in their state. To keep health of hair to the maximum, it is necessary to conform to the basic rules.

Observance of certain rules will help to keep health of your hair:

  1. It is possible to dye hair no more once a month.
  2. To avoid simultaneous clarification and chemical wave.
  3. To refuse whenever possible the hair dryer and wave hot nippers.
  4. To use masks, balms and conditioners on the basis of natural components. 

Fair hair care has to be directed both to food with restoration, and to maintaining color. The most widespread problem of most of blondes is emergence of yellowness over time. Therefore blond beauties need to use coloring shampoos and balms regularly. 

The majority of the masks intended for the clarified hair can be prepared. However, using such masks, it is necessary to remember that some components adversely affect color. Henna and coffee concern them. Generally to prepare mask for the clarified hair, use camomile broth, onions peel, honey, kefir, castor oil and nettle. 

- Thanks to onions juice the roots of hair will become stronger.

- Honey and nettle will restore the damaged structure.

- The camomile and honey will add gloss and will make color more saturated. 

From house means the mask on the basis of kefir, sour cream or yogurt is considered very effective. It will perfectly cope with dryness of hair, will prevent their loss and fragility. Useful substances which contain in these products envelop hair core, thereby creating protective cover. 

The kefiric mask is applied on hair and is left for one hour then the head should be washed out well with use of shampoo. As rinsing it is recommended to use herbs decoction (camomile, nettle) with lemon juice addition. During washing useful will be to make light massage of the head. Also hair can be rinsed with apple cider vinegar. As a result they will become smooth and brilliant. 

However, artificial blondes as they besides treatment wash away also pigment which gives light shade should not abuse such masks. For achievement of the maximum result it is better to use house and professional tools on fair hair care.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team