Fakes of aromas: widespread phenomenon

Fakes of aromas: widespread phenomenon

Recently cases of fake of expensive aromas have become more frequent. Now it already became the widespread phenomenon. To avoid acquisition of fake, it is necessary to know number of important rules by which it is necessary to be guided at choice of perfume.

Fake of expensive aromas

Recently people more often should face such widespread phenomenon as fake of perfumery and cosmetic products. For unfair producers this business is very profitable. They manage to implement the goods at rather high price in spite of the fact that prime cost it is minimum.

Experts noted more than once that they forge generally aromas of well-known companies. Such products are in the increased demand for buyers.

Now it is possible to allocate two types of fakes. The first category of counterfeit goods practically differs in nothing from original. Unfair producers try to make spirits so that the fake managed to be found not at once. Such activity is illegal.

Production of the second category of counterfeit products is quite lawful. Actually it is even impossible to call it fake. Producers copy aroma, design of bottle, but at the same time in the name of the known manufacturing firm they change one or several letters. So aromas of Chanell, Lancom instead of world-famous Chanel and Lancôme get on the shelves. Surely it is necessary to pay attention at visit of perfumery shop to it.

How to buy original and qualitative perfume

To buy really quality perfumery from the original producer, it is necessary to make purchases only in specialized shops. In the market, in supermarkets it is impossible to buy such products. At emergence of any doubts concerning quality of goods it is possible to ask for the seller the certificate of conformity on products. On the certificate there has to be original press which can be distinguished from color photocopy attentively having considered the document. If the original certificate of conformity is absent, it is necessary to refuse purchase of spirits. You should not buy goods which cost is significantly lower than the cost of the similar goods provided in other shops. Very often the price of counterfeit perfumery is reduced intentionally to attract the buyer. Before visit of shop it is desirable to study information on the interesting aroma on the official site of the producer, in more detail to study how packing of spirits has to look as the name of aroma is correctly written whether are available on original box of the hologram. It gives the chance to verify all above-mentioned characteristics with characteristics of those spirits which are provided in shop. Studying goods, it is necessary to pay attention to the barcode which is beaten out on box with perfumery. The barcode of original French perfume has to begin with figure 3. Bottles with branded perfume, as a rule, are packed into the boxes fitted by protective film. Before purchase it is necessary to pay attention to quality of cardboard of which packing, on the clearness of all inscriptions which are put down on it by the producer is made. The protective film has to be well tense, on it glue traces should not be visible. If the protective film is absent and there is opportunity to carefully open box and to estimate bottle, it is necessary to pay attention to lack of any defects and color of aromatic liquid. Bottles with branded perfume have to be made of quality glass. On glass and cover there should not be chips, scratches. If at the bottom of bottle it is possible to make out deposit, then, most likely, such spirits are counterfeit. Before purchase it is desirable to test aroma on itself, having used the corresponding sampler. To estimate quality of perfumery, her firmness it is possible only after several hours after drawing. For this reason experts advise not to hurry with purchase, and to wait when basic notes of aroma reveal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team