Fashion trends in the field of make-up

Fashion trends in the field of make-up

Make-up – one of necessary conditions for transformation and allocation of female beauty. Many girls and women have found the way of self-expression in make-up. But, as well as in any sphere, every season fashionistas demand innovations to test something interesting and to try on whether it will suit them. Such practice is widespread also in the field of make-up.

One of the most popular trends in the field of make-up are such means as ball blush, double shadows, eyeliners – felt-tip pens, gloss and lipsticks. By means of such means it is possible to create huge number of images which are offered by image makers during current summer season.

It is more than bright paints

As well as in the 90th years, in the forthcoming season shadows of bright color scales will be popular. Many people called such coloring acid. Such option best of all is suitable for youth which is not afraid of courageous combinations and is perfectly combined with their age category. Middle-aged women will suit make-up of separate bright paints, for example emerald or violet. These colors the deepest therefore give to the woman of mysteriousness and refinement.

Smoky eyes

Use such equipment all of age, using the color palette. At its initial emergence many fashionistas thought that it is correct to use only dark or gray shades that is not absolutely correct statement. If before it used generally as evening option, then now many stylists use light shades for creation of day image and apply style of make-up smoky eyes.


There was earlier only one type of eyeliner which extremely complicated process of creation of ideal arrow on upper eyelid. There was now kind of eyeliner which allows to make ideally equal arrows in only 2 minutes is felt-tip pen eyeliner. Sometimes, the cost of such means is much lower, than standard eyeliner, though is the most convenient option.

In the field of make-up there is huge number of receptions which it is impossible to call universal as a lot of things depend on shape of eye, and also colors. Therefore for selection of optimum form of make-up it is worth trying large number of options to manage to choose for itself optimal variant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team