Fashionable hairstyles on average hair in house conditions

Fashionable hairstyles on average hair in house conditions

Availability of hair of average length opens huge scope for imagination in selection of hairstyle. It is important to note that it is possible to make fashionable hairstyle easily and quickly in house conditions without special skills.

To straighten or twist?

The most universal way of creation of hairstyle for the average length of hair is straightening by their iron. Equal shiny hairs never get out of fashion and are suitable practically for any case. Before straightening the hair need to be sprinkled thermoprotective spray during drying phenom. The dried-up hair should be divided into two parts across. Your shock needs to be straightened from below up, selecting small locks. After straightening sprinkle hair varnish for fixing of effect.

Elegant curls, and together with them and amusing curlies also do not leave crest of fashionable wave already many years. There is huge set of ways of creation of wavy hairstyle. Depending on type of your hair and desirable effect you can resort to such methods:

- to wind curls on the curling iron; - to braid one or several braids for the night on moist hair; - to twist bunches from the locks which are previously moistened with skin for laying and to fix them by hairpins for 3 hours; - to be wound on hair curlers or koklyushka; - to use the hair dryer with diffuser nozzle. To diversify hairstyle as from straightened, and curled hair various rims and beautiful hairpins will help. Besides, bandages are stylish today: from wide, tied "a la Gogol Solokh", to thin tape in the Greek style.

Tails, bunches and braids

If your face is not too extended, then you by all means will suit the following hairstyle. Separate part of hair in front as for bang, slightly move them forward that the effect of pile was gained, and fix by the invisible being. Behind make tail on the center of nape or twist bunch. You can easily diversify usual boring bunch or as it is called still — to gulk. For this purpose make side hair parting and put on rim approximately on the center of the head, without tightening under it hair. After that collect your curls in the bottom of the head behind in tail, without baring ears, and curtail them into bunch. Atop put on thin elastic band in tone to your hair and fix by hairpins or invisible beings. On step hairstyles or hair with the grown bang very beautifully and slightly carelessly the braid "fish tail" looks. For its weaving divide hair behind into two parts. Fingers separate at temple small lock on the one hand and take it hand on the other side of the head. Make the same serially with each part of hair, taking away curls from below. Pull together locks more tightly that the hairstyle has not broken up. Having left small tail, at the end fix braid by elastic under hair color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team