Fashionable spring make-up

Fashionable spring make-up

The spring of 2014 offers the interesting trends other than the trends habitual for this season. Instead of indistinct watercolor and doll-pink shades to fashionistas have suggested to try on noble bronze, classical black arrows and bright lipstick in orange tones.

We do tone

Winter avitaminosis should not affect condition of your skin. The well-groomed, smooth, shining health face of natural shade is fashionable. For alignment of skin primers on silicone basis are offered, liquid tone means will help to create right color, and highlighters are responsible for shine. Let you be not confused by multiple layers - modern means for toning and smoothing of skin very easy, air. You put them with sponges and fluffy brushes. Refuse the matting products - they do skin dim. The motto of this spring - sunshine.

Powders of color of suntan or bronzers will help to enhance accents. With their help it is possible to designate cheekbones, to create beautiful face form and to hide the floated chin. If bronzer opaque, mix it with light golden highlighter - very interesting deep and lively color will turn out. This mix will perfectly replace blush and will add to the person of freshness.

Eyes or lips: bright accents

Those who prefers fashionable make-up in this season in nyud style can be limited to lipstick in beige-corporal tones and eyebrow gel. If you want to strengthen natural paints, address other fashion trends. For example, to owners of dark hair and eyes bronze shadows very much will go. Choose cream product and distribute it on century the latex applicator. The covering will turn out dense, shining, the whole day will hold on. Such make-up of eyes is enough to be added with the extending black mascara - the fresh solar image is ready. One more option - emphasis on bright black arrows. The most beautiful shooters are drawn by gel or cream eyeliner. If flat lines do not turn out, use ready arrows stickers. You do not carry them with bright lipstick. Your choice - translucent lipstick of natural tones or gloss. Owners of beautiful lips can emphasize them with fashionable lipstick in orange scale. Choose coral or carrot shades - they today at the height of fashion. Lipstick can be opaque or satin, translucent, dense or varnish. If color seems to you too bright, cover lips with balm, and then apply lipstick with very thin layer. You gain effect of resistant lip gloss, and if desired color can be enhanced.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team