Fast and easy hairstyle for every day

Fast and easy hairstyle for every day

Hair are important component of image of the modern girl. However there is not always opportunity to visit the professional for creation of hairstyle. Therefore now it is necessary independently to learn to do hair for every day.

Requirements to hairstyle for every day

The concept of that what has to be hairstyle for every day, at many women disperses. First, it has to be steady that neither weather conditions, nor way of life of the active housewife could prevent it. Time for creation of hairstyle has to be minimum. Besides that it has to be created easily, it has to have beautiful appearance, it is nice to look. Many supportive applications are not necessary for creation of such hairstyle, only the hairbrush, elastic band, hairpins and also hairspray as necessary will be necessary.

Hairstyle sideways

Huge plus of such hairstyle is its universality. It can become both on straight lines, and on curly hair, regardless of their length. Such hairstyle can be created even on the extended caret, only in that case the tail needs to be pinned up in inside, but not to leave dismissed.

Clean and dry hair need to be combed carefully. On nape the average lock, under it one more, the smaller size is on the right side allocated. Lower turns around in upper and it is extended over it. Then one more curl separates below this design, is added also to the first lock and is wrapped. Reversing of locks needs to be repeated before placement at the opposite side of the head. After that the hairstyle is fixed by elastic band. Locks can be twisted if desired. Such hairstyle will be ideal for owners of dreadlocks.

Tails and braids

Horse tail and braids the most widespread hairstyles for every day with which since the childhood all women are familiar. Separately they seem too simple for the modern woman, but if to unite them, then the result will please any owner of such hairstyle. At first on nape the tail becomes, at the same time under it the average lock is left. From that lock which remained, braided braid. She turns around around the basis of tail and is fixed by hairpins. One more variation of such hairstyle is that the braid can be braided not under tail, and from bang. Thus, it is possible to make not simple horse tail, and to braid cone or fish tail. The plait is also done to the basis of tail and is wrapped around it. One more option – weaving of the French braid. Temporal locks from other hair separate. Since the top, the French plait on the contrary is done. Locks then can be straightened more magnificently, and to hide the end of tail in hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team