Fast hairstyle on average hair in five minutes

Fast hairstyle on average hair in five minutes

Average length of hair - it is incredibly practical! Options weight: to let hair down or to think up original hairstyle, to twist curls, to straighten the iron or to make horse tail.

Various options of fast hairstyles

If you have curly hair of average length, they beautifully lie dismissed. To give to hair volume, use the hair dryer with the diffuser. In the beginning wet hair water and apply on them mousse. Then place lock of hair in nozzle with "fingers". Turn on the hair dryer on strong power. You dry lock no more than 30-60 seconds. Process phenom all head hair. Thanks to nozzle your hairstyle will remind chemistry. On creation of such laying no more than 5 minutes will leave.

One more fast hairstyle on straight or curly hair: tail with flagellums. The usual tail looks dullishly therefore try to diversify it in all possible ways. For example, behind divide hair into parting in the middle. Twirl each part of hair in plait towards hair parting. Now take elastic band and make tail. So, at the basis of tail small curls will be located.

Bunch - very simple and fast hairstyle. Make horse tail on the top of the head. Comb hair and twirl them in plait. Lay it around around elastic band. At you the cone from hair will turn out. That it has not broken up, take it invisible beings. For more reliable fixing put on big elastic band cone. If there is not enough length of hair for creation of cone, make horse tail. Twist the ends of hair the curling iron. Then fluff up hair that the tail became magnificent and volume.

The Greek hairstyles for average hair

The Greek hairstyles differ in refinement and appeal. They are intended for the true goddesses. Besides, some Greek laying very practical: they can be made in 5 minutes. Comb hair, take locks from sides and record them elastic band on the top. In front leave several locks: let them beautifully frame face. Such hairstyle wonderfully looks both on straight lines, and on wavy hair. Many Greek hairstyles are created according to such scheme: comb hair from forehead back, record them by means of hairpin or hairpin. And on each side release locks. For solemn occasion use hairpins and elastic bands with crystals. Hoops and bandages for hair are frequent satellites of the Greek hairstyles. Flowing hair just adheres in front rim or bandage. That locks looked more elegantly, make soft curls from the line of cheekbones. Hair curlers and the fixing means will be necessary for creation of such hairstyle. In the Greek laying the braid is important. On average hair it will be not too long. Therefore begin to do hair from the top. Now smooth braids are not popular any more. Carry out weaving on the equipment of the French braid. At the basis of neck record braid beautiful hairpin, and hide tip of hair inside.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team