Fast make-up for the whole day

Fast make-up for the whole day

Women seize ability to be painted "on the run" at even quite early age – much of us had to learn to preen feathers on the way to study at institute or college, sitting in the shivering bus, the crowded minibus or the electric train.

Development of the equipment of "fast" make-up is only half-affairs; it is very important that cosmetics applied on the run did not look vulgarly and krichashche, could disguise shortcomings of skin and give to the face well-groomed and faultless look.

Creation of fast, beautiful and stylish make-up begins with giving to the person of freshness. If under eyes there are dark circles – the woman will look by all means tired and unhealthy. Therefore for a start it is necessary to apply the good moisturizing cream to skin then it is possible to use the liquid proofreader (concealer).

Means needs to be applied pointwise, only on that area that needs correction. The brush of concealer is intended only for drawing product, shading needs to be made finger-tips, avoiding skin extension. The shade of the proofreader has to be slightly lighter than tone of skin.

To level the general tone of skin, it is convenient to use liquid foundation in tube, a little similar to marker. Short strokes put slightly below than cheekbones, along cheeks; over both eyebrows; along nose back. Hands humidify with cream a little and finger-tips shade liquid foundation.

If skin very pale, then it is possible to give it more suntanned and well rested look by means of simple reception: parallel to strokes of tone means it is necessary to put on one line of tone, but is 1-2 shades more dark. Both means shade at the same time then powders apply thin film.

Finish creation of skin of a healthy type addition of small dabs of creamy blush. Blush puts on the speakers of part of cheeks – for their location rather simply to smile; shading is carried out by accurate movements towards temples.

Eyelids cover with thin layer of cream shadows of neutral shade over which in the center of century put friable shadows with color accent. That paint during the day was not showered, recommended to cover after drawing cream shadows them with almost imperceptible layer of powder.

The upper eyelid is brought pencil – you should not use liquid eyeliner if on creation of make-up there is not enough time. Apply 1-2 layers of ink on eyelashes, eyebrows brush are given the necessary form and tint.

The last stroke – lips humidify with balm, remove its surplus napkin and tint lipstick. If to circle contour of lips with small cube of ice, then this measure will allow lipstick not to be erased longer than usual.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team