Faultless skin: 5 rules on leaving

Faultless skin: 5 rules on leaving

The correct skin care has to become your daily habit. You have to trust all means and procedures which you use every day for a long time to keep skin young and healthy. What rules should be remembered, developing the daily routines on face care?

1. Decide on the type of skin. What it: fat, dry, normal or combined. Keep in mind that over time the type of skin can change – this process is influenced both by condition of organism, and hormonal background or age. 

 2. Reconsider the daily leaving: get means for washing, the tonic, srub and cream suitable you. Treat purchase responsibly: talk to the cosmetologist, the consultant in shop or drugstore and ask samplers – so you will understand whether really this means suits you and will not use the improper ukhodovy line only because considerably have spent for such experiment. 

3. You watch that at cream there was SPF factor with the minimum value 15. Now it can be found in the majority of the creams presented at the market, however if in your favourite cream it is absent, it is worth thinking of additional protection: you can use or special soft sunblock cream without fragrances, or replace the habitual powder with mineral: it in general is much better for skin as does not clog up pores and also in most cases contains titanium dioxide which prevents harmful effects of sunshine in the structure.

4. Clean face. Besides obligatory daily clarification, use gommages and srubs few times in week, it will help continuous updating of skin and deep cleansing of time. Choose soft natural formulas of means, and be not overzealous at all. Wash 2 times a day and surely moisturize the skin after the procedure of cleaning.

5. Carefully wash away makiyazhnekotory types of make-up, and special resistant, are not washed away only by means of skin – and you surely should get special liquid for removal of make-up from the person. Never you go to bed with make-up – if it seems to you that at you forces on careful clarification will definitely not be absolute this evening, buy napkins and you store them in bedside table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team