Features of care for skin in the spring

Features of care for skin in the spring

Spring the period joyful, awakening from hibernation, and, at the same time, transitional. Therefore if you want to be especially attractive, and quickly to cope with consequences of winter cold weather, it is necessary to treat with special care to the skin. Not such it is difficult task.


1. The main task of all beauties is clarification in the spring. Temperature increase forces sebaceous glands to become active and on skin the greasy luster appears. The situation is complicated by large amount of the dust accumulating on our face. Purify skin with the means suitable type of your skin in the morning. It is possible to make it mineral water. That at whom oily skin it will be useful to add to mineral water of a little lemon juice. The express mask with amino acids will be good addition. It will help to osvobolit quicker skin from the keratosic layer which has collected during the winter. Have to enter clarification from make-up and dust the evening procedure of clarification by creamy means, and then easier, for example, skin. For those who for 30 need to choose the cleaning means with moisturizing components.

2. In the spring very much the habit to use tonic. is useful to raise the general tone of skin. Wipe face after clarification. You watch that were its part the narrowing substance pores. If skin sensitive, inclined to irritation, then also antibacterial. For complete recovery daily nourish skin its means with vitamins A, B, B6, B12, C, E, R. Mozhno to buy special vitamin cocktails in ampoules. They are very effective not only for skin nourishment vitamins, but also have ability to quickly remove the toxins and slags which have collected during the winter. It is good to put them in the morning, just before drawing make-up. It is possible to do also regular vitamin masks in the evening, after removal of make-up. Closer to the middle of spring it is possible to add skin care with masks and creams with effect of lifting. Skin will become more elastic, tightened, will have fresh healthy appearance.

3. One more task is moistening. The frost, wind and dry air of rooms dry up skin during the winter. The sun beginning to warm is not good for our skin too. It is better to get two means - for deep and superficial moisturizing. Modern cosmetics contain moisturizing components in the main weight. For superficial moistening even of usual means on everyday skin care can quite be enough. Pay attention that the moistening means for spring have to be less fat, than for winter. For early spring - it is cream lungs, for late - gels and milk.

4. In the spring skin needs special protection. First, from temperature differences, precipitation. Secondly, the sun already contains the ultraviolet accelerating skin aging. Protective equipment have to be selected not only depending on skin type, but also depending on season. In the spring they should not contain mineral oils, vaseline, lanolin, glycerin. All of them lead to inflammations on skin. To admirers of house folk remedies of care for skin, it is necessary to refuse too masks which part vegetable oils are. It is important to watch that the used cosmetics, contained protective components from UV rays.

5. Skin around eyes the most gentle and sensitive. Care for it has to be special. it is important to pick up the correct means for removal of make-up from eyes. If you use waterproof cosmetics, then and means has to be especially for waterproof cosmetics. Do not neglect the vitamin cocktails intended for this zone. They are put for the night, at least in 40 minutes prior to dream.

6. Hands also require attention to themselves. Heat gives us the chance to take off the gloves which have bothered during the winter, and as a result the skin which has got used to protection in the winter is unprepared. Begins is shelled, weather-beaten, loses the elasticity and softness. Spring hand creams have to include vitamin P, extracts of camomile and sea-buckthorn. They well remove irritation. Cream, with glycerin content, is recommended to use after directly harmful effects, such as washing and washing of ware. Regular application cream has to be easier.

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