Female beauty: friend or enemy

Female beauty: friend or enemy

women … To them it is simpler, than to women who are less attractive? The answer to it question is not so unambiguous as it can seem at first sight. Most likely, it is possible to answer both it is affirmative, and is negative on the question posed.

It is impossible to deny that beautiful women have certain advantages in comparison with women who are considered as ugly. Quite often women get certain advantages in general because of the appearance, especially from men. It can be retail shop, restaurant, bar; it is possible to tell that attractive women have more chances to win, than less beautiful women for advance on work or at its receiving. The pretty girl can even do in transport without ticket that also means certain degree of actor's abilities. Pretty women can succeed in professions which are based only on appearance, such as model business, less attractive people cannot even consider it as employment option. But there is also minus in being beautiful woman. Beautiful women have the same problems, as well as all others. They also often have difficulties in involvement of the partner on appointments. Many men use too energetic approach in communication with beautiful women. And even people who are rather harmless to strike up conversation with the nice woman, often see her as no more than trophy for themselves. Therefore, the appointment loses the meaning.

It is repeatedly said that many beautiful women have problems of self-assessment and do not consider themselves as beautiful even if they regularly it are told. When they do not get interest from the person who hesitates or afraid of them, it can be blow to female vanity. There are many women who not only are beautiful outside, but also have great rich inner world, are not married or with children, you will be able to construct with them the strong relations. Look around at people whom you know and see how many couples consist of men with so-so attractive women. Such, probably, will be more, than couples made of men with beautiful women. There are charming women who exploit men. They can be selfish and are even haughty. But, frankly speaking, there are selfish and haughty people of any manner, and not only attractive. And the self-assured, beautiful woman, is not necessarily vain or spoiled. Everyone has to try to keep it in mind.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team