Female hairstyles: page or sessun

Female hairstyles: page or sessun

Sessun and Page is hairstyles in which invariable French chic is traced. They look ultramodno, is modern and is stylish. Though, for example, the hairstyle of Sessun has been for the first time created by the English hairdresser in far sixtieth years.

Distinctive features of hairstyles of Sessun and Page

Many confuse Sessun and Page because do not know their distinctive features. Both hairstyles are universal and are in appearance very simple performed by. Some cannot even distinguish them from classical bean. In fact, distinctive features are not much: 1. Bang. The semicircular or round bang is distinctive feature of hairstyle of Sessun. At hairstyle Page bang only straight line.

  1. Level of hair behind. In Sessun the hair are behind extended, and in hairstyle Page they are cut exactly on one line.3. Volume. Volume is inherent in hairstyle of Sessun. Hairstyle Page in most cases smooth.

Features of hairstyle of Sessun

The hairstyle of Sessun is usually carried out on average straight hair. Graduation begins from the middle of ear and goes down to shoulders or is slightly lower. The hairdresser cuts hair small locks. At the same time the previous lock is blocked new literally on several millimeters. Each cut becomes under certain corner therefore hair twist inside. So the hairstyle turns out natural. Technology of performance of hairstyle difficult: she demands from the hairdresser of skill and attentiveness. Some asymmetry, fragmentary locks can be characteristic of hairstyle of Sessun. It adds it special savor.

The ideal option is the hairstyle of Sessun executed without pile, varnish and other means of laying. Therefore best of all it looks on rather thick hair. It is rather simple to wash up hair, to dry a little, and then to shake by the head and hair will lay down in the necessary direction. Curls have to be rounded inside: it is easy to make it by means of round brush and the hair dryer. Advantage of Sessun is that it practically does not demand laying: thereby women save time, making toilet. If fine hair, but at the same time long, then the hairstyle of Sessun can be too appropriate as it will give volume to hair. The hairstyle of Sessun is considered rather mobile therefore the vigorous gait or wind to it are not terrible. One more advantage of hairstyle of Sessun is possibility of creation of various hairstyles on its basis. For example, to do romantic curls and curlies and also to wrap the ends not only inside, but also outside.

Features of hairstyle Page

As a rule, hairstyle Page very short: to the middle of ear. In rare instances it does to longer: to the middle of shoulders. With length to the middle of ear the level of bang and other hair matches. The hairdresser cuts hair on one line, and does bang to straight line. The hairstyle Page can be done also on wavy hair, but at the same time it should be taken into account shape of face. If the person round, then Page on curly hair makes oval even more widely. Page and for triangular face is not recommended. In all other cases it is possible to experiment. Especially well Page is suitable for oval or square face. For daily laying of hairstyle Page is required not so much: skin mousse, round hairbrush, hair dryer. It is only required to tighten up tips of hair inside. Though modern Page is direct ends of hair which are not tightened up to the person. Such stylish hairstyle is preferred by the singer Rihanna. For straightening of tips it is possible to use wax or dry hair oil. Also the iron will approach. And though Page is, as a rule, smooth hairstyle, its modern interpretation assumes use of various means for creation of volume. The technology of performance of hairstyle Page is similar to technology of performance by Sessun: at hairstyle of locks everyone the subsequent has to be about 3 mm longer than previous. Thus the necessary form of hairstyle turns out. At hairdressers this classic method has received the name Fringing.

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