Female intimate epilation: opinion of men

Female intimate epilation: opinion of men

Women tried to look after the appearance at all times. Modern ladies exception are not. And they go for these actions not only for themselves, but also to be pleasant to men in general or only to the specific person.

The aspiration to be beautiful

Because women's fight for attention of men existed and will exist, ladies constantly exhaust themselves in gyms, do operations on increase in breast, keep to very rigid diets, paint hair and perform lot of other procedures pleasant and not really.

The same can be told also about intimate epilation which is in huge demand recently. Services in performance of various "model" hairstyles for zone of bikini are provided by many modern beauty shops. The intimate epilation, in principle, is not so necessary for women, but they process this zone to be even more desired for the men.

Opinion of men on female intimate epilation

Making such procedure as intimate epilation, women sometimes do not even guess that actually men suspect this subject. Sociologists in the different countries of the whole world have conducted survey and have come to conclusion that men have no consensus not this account. Some guys admire those girls who faultlessly look both in clothes, and without it. They like both the Brazilian epilation and total absence of hair in bikini zone in general. Other men do not love women who in intimate zone completely have no vegetation. Such ladies remind men of girls from kindergarten. This group of men prefers to see natural accurate triangle of hair which should not come for bikini zone. There are also such men to whom all the same as hair grow in intimate zone at the beloved. At the same time sociologists have noticed that the bulk of men considers that the intimate epilation is necessary to the woman only if vegetation expands in those zones where it should not be in principle. However, experts notice that the epilation here a little than will help. If on female body hair plentifully grow, for a start it is necessary to address the endocrinologist. The bulk of men likes triangle of well visible short hair. In turn, physicians have expressed the opinion on intimate epilation too. They consider that this procedure promotes decrease in sensitivity in intimate zone. If there were first signs of frigidity, perhaps, it is necessary to stop for a while procedures of removal of hair in this part of body. It is also necessary to pay attention and that some types of epilation lead to the fact that on gentle skin there are grown hairs, red heat-spots and abscesses which look absolutely not sexually.

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