Feysbuilding: simple exercises for every day

Feysbuilding: simple exercises for every day

The Feysbuilding - popular gymnastics for the person which helps women to keep health and beauty, to get rid of age changes and to tighten contour. Thanks to daily exercises of wrinkle become less noticeable, and complexion - more uniform and fresh. Try several simple exercises which will be suitable even for the beginner in feysfitnesa.

1. To remove stress from eyes and to tighten skin around them blinking within 30 seconds will help. When you look not directly before yourself, and at certain point above, your lower eyelid works more actively. You watch that at exercise the forehead did not screw up the face. Take break for half-minute, and then execute one more approach.

2. Widely open eyes. This simple exercise helps lovers of feysbuilding to eliminate small wrinkles and zaloma. It is necessary to carry out it also half-minute. The forehead should not participate in this exercise from fesfitnes. Then remove stress from optic nerves by means of usual charging - the movement of pupils in the parties, up, circle and the eights.

3. Exercises of feysbuilding on resistance will help to keep facial muscles in tone. At first use fingers, then you can apply the imagined tension. So you can push nose tip to yourself, at the same time straining it and resisting.

4. Blow muscles of cheeks, banishing air from right to left, and then from above, from area between lips and nose, down. For bigger effect of feysfitnes it is possible to record hand lips hand and to clamp upper lip.

5. Open lips and extend them forward. Then rub lips the friend about the friend, kind of distributing on them lipstick. Press language to the upper sky and at the same time strain neck and chin. Feel how thanks to feysbuilding your muscles work, skin becomes stronger and the contour is tightened.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team