Fight against cellulitis in anticipation of flying

Fight against cellulitis in anticipation of flying

The summer – beach time, so is also time bathing suits. And not to redden for "orange-peel" on your hips, stomach and buttocks it is necessary to shape up and maintain beauty of body in advance.

How to struggle with cellulitis

We observe the drinking mode. In the flying the need of organism for water increases therefore it is necessary to increase the volume of the consumed liquid to 2 l a day to avoid dehydration. We have drinking water, green tea, mineral water without gas.

We grow thin and eat properly. Avoid extreme express diets. First of all it is stress for organism and emergence of extensions, owing to violation of adaptation to fast loss of body weight. Abundance of fruit and vegetables during summer season itself prompts structure of your daily diet. We exclude at the same time fat, sweet and flour. We refuse cigarettes, we reduce alcohol, and we will forget about beer in general.

Actively we move. The summer in itself is simply created for the active movement. Walks in the fresh air, run, swimming, picnics, active beach games - everything has to be constant, natural and to deliver pleasure maximum.

Contrast shower. Along with douche by cold water after bath or sauna, the contrast shower is also popular means in fight against cellulitis. Use special nozzle and shower with powerful stream. Bathing in cool water with the subsequent grinding by towel can make alternative to contrast shower.

And still, use small secrets which will help to hide visually extra kilos and roughnesses of skin.

How to hide cellulitis

Suntan - hides small roughnesses of skin and does figure more harmonious. Before exit to the beach it is possible to sunbathe in sunbed, at the dacha, etc. Autosuntan use is possible, but only if you are capable to put it competently. Also you remember that effect of intensive suntan opposite.

Bathing suit. The friable tummy will help to hide the closed bathing suit especially as the modern fashion offers the intricate options leaving dug out the big area of body. To hide shortcomings of hips, use bathing suits with short skirt.

Accessories and clothes. Transparent beach wraps and tunics from motley bright fabrics with the large drawing will reliably hide your cellulitis from public eyes, and wide-brimmed hats not only will cast shadow, but also will give to confidence.

Men's psychology. Remember that men perceive female image in general, they are not concerned at all by forehead spot or moderate cellulitis on hips. They emphasize the large moments: hair, waist, breast, nice smiling face, light step, etc.

Be not obsessed with the cellulitis and be able to rejoice to every minute of the life!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team