Five bad habits harming beauty and youth of skin

Five bad habits harming beauty and youth of skin

The inactive way of life, bad food and several other addictions about which many know, but attach it small significance. What it is connected with? All this is the cause of uneven complexion, feeling of dryness, tightness of skin and not only.

Abuse of alcohol does not spare our skin and all other bodies since it dehydrates human body. Skin looks lifelessly, on face red spots are formed, reticulums from blood vessels appear. All this very strongly spoils people appearance, subject to frequent abuse of alcohol. To prevent so unpleasant changes in appearance, limit yourself in consumption of alcoholic beverages.

It is possible to resort and to the help of modern means which rejuvenate, enrich skin, but all this remains only outside and the effect of such procedures is not always long. Whether it is simpler to try to maintain natural beauty and naturalness? At the same time also to keep the health.

Smoking, as well as alcohol, not only causes strong complications and problems with health, but also spoils our skin. Nicotine causes narrowing of blood vessels and because of it skin layers are not saturated with oxygen. As a result skin looks far not in the best way, becomes pale and ugly.

Smoking of cigarettes strongly spoils face skin. But at great desire you will be able to throw this addiction and by that to keep beauty and youth.

What our hands during the day only do not contact to. We take money, we adjoin to dirty surfaces, on hands huge number of microbes accumulates. Only provide that all these bacteria will pass to your person at contact. If you have habit to touch the person, then you provoke emergence to the surfaces of skin of pimples, eels, inflammations and various rashes.

Control yourself, try to touch less the person and more often wash hands or wipe them with antimicrobic napkins.

Hot water spoils skin, does it dry, washing away from it natural and natural oils. When you take bath, wash in soul or just wash face, avoid hot water. So you will avoid presenilation of your skin.

Correctly select cream and face pack since they have to approach under type of your skin. Every day your skin needs leaving and care. Moisten it and feed with oils. If you use cosmetics, then do not forget to remove make-up every evening before going to bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team