Five effective ways of fight against cellulitis

Five effective ways of fight against cellulitis

There are 5 ways of express fight against cellulitis. Some of them it is possible to apply with success houses, and others – only in beauty shop.

One of the main reasons of appearance of cellulitis is broken blood circulations. There are several ways of fight against cellulitis.


When choosing means from cellulitis it is necessary to read their structure and application attentively. For example, the modeling means fight at the different levels. And will save anti-cellulite creams as a part of which there is red pepper, seaweed, essential oils (citrus, camomile or lavender), extract of green tea or grape seeds from deep cellulitis. For weight loss it is better to choose the modeling creams and gels as they contain caffeine, mangostan, coleus (for splitting of fats) and amino acids (for prevention of extensions). It is better to use this anti-cellulite cosmetics course in ten days. Later it is necessary to take small break and to start over again.

Special procedures in salon

Against cellulitis the mesotherapy will help. It is the best way of disposal of "orange-peel" as the main problem is hidden in hypodermic cellulose. The course of treatment will allow to strengthen venous wall and will tighten skin.


Before use of cosmetic drugs against cellulitis (cream, gel or oil) the body needs to be cleaned from layer of dead skin cells well. It will promote means to be absorbed more deeply in skin. The peeling works as micromassage, and it is necessary to do it approximately once a week.


Saloon wrappings and in house conditions very well struggle with cellulitis, tightening at the same time skin. Three times a week are desirable to do anti-cellulite wrappings at the beginning of month, and to give preference in the second half to lymphatic drainage.


During clarification the organism gets rid of harmful toxins, improves metabolism, brings excess moisture out of organism - all this helps to get rid of edematous stage of cellulitis. It is necessary to add clarification process with diet with refusal of farinaceous food, coffee, sweet and to increase physical activities up to 4 days a week.

For the best effect it is desirable to use all five methods of disposal of cellulitis.

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