Five habits which make the woman ugly

Five habits which make the woman ugly

Women try to support by various means the beauty. Cosmetics, diets, sport, stylish dresses, manicure is used. However there are 5 widespread habits which will easily make you ugly.

You watch hands

The first habit which will easily and quickly make you ugly – continuous touches hands to the person. Especially skin around eyes suffers from such actions. It is very sensitive, and if you constantly rub it, quickly stretches and loses elasticity. This habit will lead to early formation of mimic wrinkles. On other areas of the person the continuous touches also make negative impact. Hands contact to large number of things. Microbes can get easily to microwounds and cause inflammations.

The second habit directly belongs to hands. The lack on them of manicure, oblezshy varnish or obgryzenny nails make the girl unattractive. At the same time it is not obligatory to use bright varnishes constantly at all. It is enough to watch cuticle, regularly rubbing oil, and skin of hands, using cream.

Especially addictions

The third habit which is not promoting beauty – lack of 8-hour rest. The speech directly goes about dream. During this time the organism is restored, updating all processes. Also skin is updated: it occurs from 22:00 till 02:00 o'clock. If you want to keep beauty, refuse night clubs, late chats and additional work after hours.

The fourth habit – use of the wrong tone means. Wishing to disguise all possible shortcomings, many girls use more dark, than their own, shade. However this habit will make you ugly since foundation, improper on color, will make inflammations and problems with skin more obvious. And the received mask will make you is more senior and will not allow skin to breathe.

To disguise shortcomings, get narrowly targeted means. From inflammations, for example, you will be visually saved by the proofreader of green shade. And entrust dark circles under eyes to concealer.

The fifth addiction – laziness. Because of it you do not remove cosmetics before going to bed, do not use srub or prefer the elevator instead of ladder. It is difficult to get rid of it, but it can do to the girls wishing to keep the beauty for a long time. Always you remember that each movement or the made mask help you to remain fine longer time.   

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team