Folk remedies for fight against freckles

Folk remedies for fight against freckles

Freckles appear on upper integuments during the autumn and summer periods. Changes in structure of cages of the melanocytes which are responsible for melanin hormone synthesis regulation are considered as the reason for that. As a rule, folk remedies help to eliminate skin defects at early stages.

The masks prepared only from natural products will help to get rid of pigmental spots. In advance prepare clean ware, all ingredients and surely check whether there is at you no allergic reaction to natural components.

Mask from parsley

Parsley – well of useful microelements. The plant also has the bleaching properties. Therefore it is often added to structures from freckles. For mask you need to take:

- 3 bunches of juicy parsley

- 3 tablespoons of natural honey (buckwheat, lime, forbs)

- 1.5 tsps of lemon juice.

Place all ingredients in cup of small volume. Then mix and leave for 5 minutes to infuse. Put mask on face by means of blank cotton pad, and 10-15 minutes later wash warm water. Observe precautionary measures as the acids which are in lemon juice can overdry skin considerably.

Mask from watermelon

For such mask it is important to choose the watermelon which is grown up without use of chemicals and other additives. Further it is necessary to mash watermelon pulp to condition of gruel and to pour 0.5 tsps of essential oil suitable under your type of skin. Oil will form optimum basis and will render the calming effect. Lay out ready mix on skin even layer. Wait 20 minutes and remove the mask remains.

Mask from cottage cheese

Buy in the market granular cottage cheese and sour cream 15-20% fat in advance. Mix in net capacity the bought products in the ratio 1.5:1. Add half of tsp of peroxide of hydrogen. Be attentive during dosage as peroxide has property to bleach skin on 2-3 tones. Musk is recommended to put on face approximately for 15-20 minutes. The important rule is to exclude hit of sunshine on skin after use.

Mask from nonsense

The nonsense was actively applied in fight against pigmental spots still by Slavs. Today powder from this unique plant is on sale in each drugstore. Prepare 3 tablespoons of the crushed grass and add to it 1 tsp of vegetable, almond or olive oil. Lower Q-tip in mix and blot all freckles with pointed movements. After full drying of mask remove the remains.

Mask from glycerin

Glycerin will help you only if freckles occasionally appear on face. The mask is effective and does not demand serious financial expenses. It is necessary to buy natural glycerin. To grease plentifully Q-tip with solution and to wipe each freckle within 3 or 5 days. Later you will find peelings which should be greased with dense cream of liquid consistence every evening. 2 weeks later pigmental spots have to disappear, and the tone of skin will become more exactly.

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