Folk remedies for gentle peeling of face skin

Folk remedies for gentle peeling of face skin

The peeling is recognized as the most important component of care for face skin. Thanks to this procedure, pores are cleaned and the keratosic cells of epidermis are removed that is important for regeneration of skin and improvement of its appearance. Fans of natural cosmetics without preservatives can prepare peeling for face skin independently in house conditions.

It is important to know

Surely when holding procedure of peeling in house conditions previously wash away cosmetics from face. Otherwise there is risk of developing of allergy and irritation of skin. Skin has to be clean and damp.

The peeling is not only clarification of skin, but also the useful massage stimulating inflow of blood to cages. It is necessary to remember that massage becomes fingertips, it is very accurate and gentle, exclusive on special massage lines. Otherwise there is risk over time to add to the person several wrinkles. Try to avoid skin tension – movements have to be lungs, as at careful putting cream.

For the best effect before the procedure it is desirable to steam out face, having taken bath. Then time will extend and skin will be more susceptible to srub. Remember that at massage of skin with application of peeling it is easy to be overzealous and leave small scratches on the reddened skin. Therefore it is desirable to devote time to peeling before going to bed that by the morning all traces of yesterday's session of care for face skin have disappeared.

You should not process srubs leather around eyes – it is too gentle also thin for similar tests. Also it is not necessary to purify skin with peeling every day – no more than two times a week are better.

By the way, the peeling parts which are contained in means for peeling should not adjoin to problem face zones, otherwise the situation can only be aggravated therefore try to avoid spots and rashes on face – scratches can strengthen inflammation.

How to prepare gentle house peeling

Variety of the natural peeling substances allows to prepare set of house srubs for any type of skin. There is set of national recipes for peeling, the majority of ingredients for which can be found in any kitchen. Classical example – sugar peeling. One of the simplest and cheap recipes. For carrying out sugar peeling it is required to you: - children's soap; - granulated sugar – 1 tsp. Put on face the made foam children's soap (avoid zone around eyes), why over soapsuds gentle circular motions rub granulated sugar in skin. In couple of minutes wash away srub cool water.

The sugar peeling perfectly purifies skin, however it does not do for those whose skin is inclined to dryness.

It is possible to prepare independently gentle rejuvenating peeling. After it skin will be bleached, will look fresh and young. It is required to you: - fresh cucumber – 1 piece; - oatmeal – 1 tablespoon; - small sea salt – 1 tsp; - essential oil. For a start it is necessary to squeeze out juice of cucumber, then to add it to flour and to mix with salt. It is necessary to add several drops of your favourite essential oil to the received mix (well will approach citrus and flower). The received srub within two minutes mass face skin then lie down and enjoy rest, the srub on face forms mask. In 10-12 minutes wash away means warm or cool water. If you want to tone up skin, to give it elasticity and smoothness, prepare tonic peeling. The main ingredient of similar cosmetics is coffee. Mix ground coffee beans in equal parts and are crushed to condition of flour rice. If your skin belongs also to the fat or mixed type, add couple of spoons of yogurt to mix. For normal and dry skin add a little milk or sour creams. Having massaged skin the prepared srub two minutes, leave peeling on face for about 5-10 minutes – skin will be nourished with nutrients. Then wash away structure warm (not more hotly!) water.

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