Folk remedies from bruises and hypostases under eyes

Folk remedies from bruises and hypostases under eyes

If at you shadows under the eyes began to develop more often, first of all it is worth paying attention to the way of life. The good dream and healthy nutrition are capable not only to give to skin healthy color, but also to save from unpleasant hypostases on face. Also simple national ways will help to get rid of shadows under the eyes.

How to get rid of bruises if they have already developed? There are ways checked still by our grandmothers which despite time did not become less effective. Let's consider them in more detail:

1. The simplest and readily available means is, of course, tea tea leaves especially as it will always be in the house. If you have woken up in the morning and, having seen yourself in mirror, have decided that it is necessary to make urgently something, do not hurry to undertake foundation or powder, make to yourself compresses of freshly brewed tea leaves for about 15 minutes, I use usual cotton pads. Only do not forget it to cool at first.

2. If you have decided to postpone the procedure for evening, potatoes will be the most ideal means. It can be applied as in the raw, and boiled in "uniform". If you use crude potatoes, then turn in gauze better, boiled it is possible just to cut on part. It is necessary to hold it minutes 15-20.3. In the flying when there are a lot of greens, it is possible to try means from parsley root. Parsley contains many vitamins and also is good means against hypostases and shadows under the eyes – what is necessary. The root needs to be rubbed on small grater, in the received juice to moisten cotton wool and to make compress. After you take lotion, it is desirable to apply nutritious cream to skin around eyes. 4. Effective way of fight against shadows under the eyes and also hypostases – officinal herbs. The camomile and sage will be suitable for these purposes. It is better to cook them on steam bath, and then it is obligatory to freeze broth – ice with officinal herbs increases tone of skin and better enriches it with vitamins. Also in drugstore it is possible to get nonsense – effective remedy of fight on speed against bruises.5. One more means – cottage cheese. It is wrapped in gauze and put on quarter of hour. 6. Well and the most widespread technique promoting disposal of bruises it is possible to recognize mask from honey and kefir. Mix them to density of gel and impose for 15-20 minutes. It is evening mask therefore it is necessary to do it before going to bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team