For what injections hyaluronic acid are necessary

For what injections hyaluronic acid are necessary

Among numerous ingredients of cosmetics the increasing popularity is found by hyaluronic acid which special property is moistening of skin and preservation of natural level of its freshness. Among the last innovations injections with this substance are in special demand.

Advantage of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of those components which are synthesized by organism, but if up to 25 flyings of difficulties with its synthesis does not arise, then after overcoming this age boundary its shortcoming affects many processes, beginning with banal feeling of dryness of skin before premature formation of wrinkles. Therefore the hyaluronic acid synthesized in the chemical way which is not relating to cheap itself care products at all is actively demanded.

The easiest way of its use is addition in habitual cream and other skin care products and also use together with mesoroller, but microinjections with gialuronka are even more effective.

Hyaluronic acid for skin

Injections with this substance considerably differ from what provides Botox. If the last blocks mimic activity, thereby without giving the chance to progress to the corresponding number of wrinkles, then hyaluronic acid improves condition of skin on all its sites. With its help perhaps: - to strengthen face form without application to plastics; - to achieve effect of lifting not only in chin, but also cheekbones; - to reduce the most expressed wrinkles in eyes and forehead. Advantage of injections with hyaluronic acid is that they can be done, without changing habitual way of life, that is they do not demand any special preparatory procedures. The knowing hands of professional cosmetologists will help to distribute hyaluronic acid by means of microinjections under skin. Hyaluronic acid in the form of medicine for injections has the consistence similar to gel, but the result from its application is visible already just next day.

Duration of one session is about half an hour, at the same time the repeated procedure can be not earlier than in few weeks and in the presence to it indications.

Injections of hyaluronic acid: contraindications to application

At all positive of this way of rejuvenation before making injections with gialuronka, it is worth studying the list of the available contraindications. Among them there are inflammatory processes on skin including herpes, number of autoimmune diseases, oncological diseases. The list of contraindications will be read by any professional cosmetologist who will also help to pick up individual course of injections.

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