For what it is necessary to look after skin?

For what it is necessary to look after skin?

Skin at us one and to change clothes or change it it will not turn out. Regular care and leaving defines condition of skin. Here it is impossible to deceive neither himself, nor the nature.

Our skin has three layers. Upper layer, it is epidermis, serves skin as the barrier protecting from impact of sunlight and fluctuations of ambient temperature, microbes, bacteria and loss of moisture. Epidermis on thickness can be compared to the sheet of paper.

In lower, basal, layer of epidermis there are cages which replace that peel from surface. Epidermis contains melanin. At the expense of it skin finds color and also is protected from the sun rather from harmful effects of its beams.

The center of leather – shit. Term contains collagen fibers. These are peculiar rubber plaits which provide to skin degree of structure and durability. Also to contain in term elastinovy fibers thanks to which skin stretches and compresses. Thus, elastin keeps shape of skin. Here blood vessels, hair follicles, grease and sweat glands are located. The lower layer of skin – gipoderm. It consists of connecting fabric, fat cages and muscles. For two other layers of gipoderm serves as the shock-absorber, creates form and contour. All cosmetics applied by us influence only epidermis. Procedures for other layers is destiny of medicine, but not cosmetics. In human body skin – the biggest body with surface 2 sq.m and up to 3 kg. Skin contains more than 300 million cages. And daily the person loses 2 grams with died off to cages. However, it on change new immediately appear. The cage lives about 28 days, for mature skin this period can increase. Skin cells arise in basal layer, pass way to corneal layer, and then peel from the surface of skin. In skin, as well as in any other live body, constantly there are changes. Various options of leaving seasonally, from age, way of life are required for skin. But the basis of fine skin is identical to all. It is put with healthy lifestyle, depends on skin nourishment from within. It is necessary for increase in efficiency of any care for skin first of all: • To use large amount of water during the day; • To use in the sun means with the correct SPF; • To regularly do physical exercises; • To eat healthy food. The condition of skin is influenced by everything: both age, and genetics, and environment. Of course, to stop time course we not in forces, however it is quite possible to slow down aging of our skin. It is possible to keep some factors under control to prevent emergence of symptoms of presenilation. Knowing what factors influence our skin, it is possible to bring certain changes in our habits and way of life consciously. It will allow to control, and sometimes even to neutralize attack on our skin. These factors: • Food. What we eat has to bring to our skin all most useful vitamins and microelements. It can be crude vegetables, fruit, whole grain.· stresses. Stresses always negatively affect skin, exhaust it. Try to treat life with optimism.· dream. Good rest requires not less than 7-8 hours of dream.· addictions. Reduce the use of toxins, such as cigarettes and alcohol to minimum. Also there is number of the factors influencing condition of skin which we cannot control. We can try to be protected from influence of these factors, to minimize their influence.· weather. To regulate humidity, rain, wind we cannot. We can create the corresponding skin.· care sunshine. It is possible to be protected from influence of the sun and it is necessary using sun-protection factor (SPF).• heredity. Of course, you will not put it anywhere, but we can cares for that condition of the health which we nevertheless have. With it we can be helped by vitamins and dietary supplements, physical education and sport, refusal of addictions. • The polluted environment is also not subject to our control and has strong harmful impact on organism in general. However the general care of health can weaken action of this factor. All listed above factors cause skin presenilation. Means, our shape directly depends on our choice, on what way of life we for ourselves choose. What it is necessary to begin skin care with? From definition of type of skin. All people differ from each other. Also skin of people is various - everyone with the features. Therefore for development of the correct care for skin it is necessary to define correctly type and condition of our skin. For each type of skin the separate option of leaving is necessary. What suits one type can not suit other type of skin at all. So, the first step in skin care are definitions of type of skin. How to make it? It is necessary to consider visible signs of skin for a start: • Time and their size • Availability of greasy luster • Wrinkles • Elasticity • Acne rash, possible inflammations • Thin lines • Skin color • Texture of skin. Allocate three main types of skin. Also skin can have signs of several types. Normal skin differs in the balanced level of moisture, smooth, uniform structure. Time in normal skin small, irritations is absent. Quantity of wrinkles usually minimum. Oily skin is distinguished by hyperactive sebaceous glands, surplus of skin fat. Skin shade usually dim, time is expanded and there are inflammations. However oily skin meets seldom. It is more correct to consider the combined skin type. The combined oily skin in the T-zone and dry beyond its limits. The structure of surface of skin is non-uniform. Time on nose and around it and also on forehead and chin is expanded, and skin on cheeks dry. At dry skin you feel dryness and tightness. Skin is shelled, time small. Often there are irritations on small factors. Often allocate the fourth type of skin – mature skin. The fact is that irrespective of type, with age skin loses elasticity, elasticity, there are thin lines and wrinkles, irritations, pigmental spots, skin peeling, dark circles under eyes, non-uniform surface. Usually it is considered that the first signs of aging of skin appear in 25 years. Already from this age it is necessary to begin to use cosmetics with anti-aging effect. Besides, selecting the correct skin care products, important not only to define skin type, but also to get idea of basic needs of skin. It is necessary to check skin for availability of visible thin lines and deep wrinkles, problems on skin (acne rash and spots). Look whether your skin is sensitive, whether there are signs of obezvozhennost and peeling, hypostases on face and dim color. Basic care behind skin is intended to affect the following: • Protection against environmental impact (for example, from harmful sunshine and pollutants) • Removal of the remains of make-up, dirt, surplus of grease allocations • Ensuring purity and freshness, skin of a healthy type • Moistening, recovery of balance and skin care. Daily leaving includes such simple procedures as clarification, toning and moistening. They should be carried out in the morning and in the evening. At night skin is regenerated, sweat and grease allocations are removed through time. Therefore it is necessary to purify leather from consequences of night processes in the morning, and in the evening – from the remains of make-up and environmental pollution. The cleaning means removes excessive fat, at the same time does not dry up skin, accurately washes away the make-up remains, removes dirt, cleans pores. Tonic deletes the pollution remains which are not removed with the cleaning means, refreshes recovers, prepares skin for moistening. Protects the moistening means from harmful effects of sunshine and the environment, protect from moisture loss, feed with active agents, warn skin presenilation. From the above it is possible to draw the following conclusions: it is necessary to clean, tone up and moisturize the skin twice a day. Besides basic care, it is necessary to use additional resources when skin feels special needs. Periodically, for example, once a week or 2 times a week, it is necessary to use cream for century, means for peeling, serums, masks, etc. Additional resources peel horn cages, stimulating natural process of updating of skin, recovers activity of cages and raises tone, provide more deep cleansing of skin, keeps skin youth.

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