For what it is necessary to wipe face with ice from green tea

For what it is necessary to wipe face with ice from green tea

If daily to wipe face with cosmetic ice, skin will become elastic, its appearance in addition on face will improve the beautiful flush will appear. Cosmetic ice, for example, can be made of the made green tea.

The frozen green tea can be used for care for any type of face skin including behind skin around eyes. Such cosmetic has rich structure: there are tannins, polyphenols, vitamins of groups P, C, B, essential oils, amino acids, proteins, teaflavina and other valuable substances. Thanks to such structure the frozen green tea is used as the rejuvenating, toning, refreshing, anti-inflammatory and clarifying means. Besides this cosmetic perfectly copes with hypostases under eyes and gives to skin beautiful color. Besides, cubes from green tea calm the angry skin.

As it is correct to prepare cosmetic ice from green tea

To achieve the shining skin and also to get rid of shadows under the eyes the cosmetic ice prepared according to the following recipe will help:

- 5 g of dry inflorescences of pharmaceutical camomile; - 5 g of the dried-up St. John's wort;

- 200 ml of the thawed or distilled water; - 1 tsps of black tea; - 0.5 tsps of green tea. Tea is filled in with boiled water, then add grass collecting to this drink and infuse mix in thermos within 47-55 minutes. Then infusion is filtered, cooled and frozen. No more than 5 days recommend to store ready cosmetic ice in the fridge.

If desired it is possible to prepare cosmetic ice and according to other recipe: - 300-350 ml of mineral or melt water; - 1 tablespoons of hips; - 2 tsps of green tea; - 0.5 tsps of melissa; - 0.5 tsps of mint. The crushed hips fill in 150-170 ml of boiled water and pour mix in thermos. 11-12 hours later infusion filter. Grass collecting and tea fill in 150-180 ml of boiled water and insist 1-1.5 hours, and later filter. Then infusions mix and freeze the turned-out drink. Ice is stored in the fridge by no more than 4 days.

Features of use of cosmetic ice from green tea

At contact of the frozen green tea with the person, skin should not overcool at all. The procedure looks as follows: carry out by cosmetic ice on massage lines of the person then allow skin to dry in the natural way and cover it with nutritious cream. Usually this procedure can take 3-5 minutes, but the contact of separate point of skin with cube of ice should not last longer than 5 seconds. "Ice therapy" is contraindicated at diseases of thyroid gland, availability on skin of vascular asterisks, to cold, etc. Besides, it is not necessary to wipe face with the frozen green tea in the winter just before exit to the street (it is desirable to perform such procedure for hour to exit).

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