For what reasons hair drop out

For what reasons hair drop out

Each girl wishes to see the hair beautiful, strong and healthy. And at the first manifestations of their loss, it is necessary to be engaged in treatment immediately.

Hair grow every month on 1-2 cm. They grow during 6 flyings, then growth of hair stops for half a year. And at this time new hair replaces old. On the head of the person about 100 thousand hairs, at blondes this indicator is a little higher - 150 thousand. At daily combing we lose about 100 hairs. And it is considered norm. Thus those old hairs which have stopped the growth are removed and are replaced with new. It is bad when at each combing, on hairbrush there is bush of hair.

Why hair drop out.

Food of hair on straight line depends on blood vessels which cover with the extensive network head skin. When narrowing capillaries growth of hair stops. You, probably, noticed that hair on each side and on nape remain better. It is caused by the fact that blood to these sites arrives much more intensively. In these parts there is fat and muscles, they also interfere with narrowing of blood vessels. Temples, cinciput and forehead, such layer from skin and muscles, have no.

The hair loss can be for several reasons: 1. Lack of oxygen; 2. Improper feeding; 3. Small quantity of dream; 4. Appearance of dandruff; 5. Not the correct head skin and hair care. Also hair are very harmfully affected by some medicines: diuretics, antibiotics, hormonal medicines. How to struggle with hair loss. Massage very good cure for hair loss. It will help to return your hair to life. Massage helps to increase blood circulation and by that to improve hair food. Massage has number of contraindications: 1. Head skin disease (gnoynichka, fungus); 2. Open injuries; 3. Hypertension 2-3 stages. Massage becomes just before washing of the head or in time. Folk remedies on hair care. 1. Parsley seeds. Pound parsley seeds in cup. Rub the turned-out powder in the head for the night. Remove the remains of means hairbrush in the morning. You carry out the procedure every day within week. In 2 weeks it should be repeated. 2. Leaves of birch were used still by our ancestors. Take tablespoon of the crushed leaves of birch and fill in them with glass of boiled water. In 2 hours filter, and rub in hair.3. Flowers of linden fill in floor with boiled water liter. Boil about 20 minutes. Then it is necessary to filter broth and to rub it in skin golovy4. On 1 glass, fill in onions peel and bark of oak with water liter, boil about an hour. After that filter structure and cool. Rub in head skin, and from above put on cap from towel. In 2 hours wash away flowing water without shampoo use.

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